What are we to make of encounters where anomalies "dress" in plaid or checkered fabrics?

For me, the very essence of the strange and unknown boils down to encounters between man and mystery, without the baggage of belief. Some of us have seen the windmill blink. We will never be the same.

As if ghosts, bedroom phantoms, enigmatic visitors, and Bigfoot were not weird enough on their own, what are we to make of encounters where these same anomalies dress in plaid or checkered fabrics? We define plaid or checkered here as any fabric with stripes or bars of various colors and widths that cross at right angles. A true plaid has the same pattern when you rotate it ninety degrees.

Try plugging the word “ghost” along with “plaid shirt” or “checkered shirt” into your favorite Internet search engine. “Ghosts-in-plaid” also nets interesting results. You will receive an immediate embarrassment of online riches.


Arizona: Two bartenders closing a Tombstone establishment in the wee hours of the morning both looked up when they felt something cold go by. It was a man in a checkered shirt and dark pants. They described him as a “big guy, but you could see thru him.”

Iowa: On an Emmetsburg (county seat of Palo Alto County) site along Highway 18, where a Motor Lodge once sat, a ghostly old man in a plaid shirt walks along, pausing six times, as if he is checking the doors to rooms that no longer exist.

Massachusetts: People often report seeing a ghostly man with red hair and a plaid shirt hitchhiking on Route 44 between Seekonk and Rehoboth.

Montana: Patrons frequenting the Aleworks in Bozeman occasionally glimpse a ghost floating above the pool room in a red-and-black-checkered shirt. Sometimes a chilly presence turns on the radio and opens and closes locked doors. One night, employees could not shut down the security system because it detected motion in the completely empty restaurant.

North Carolina: A furniture store in Thomasville is haunted by the ghost of a tall man in a checkered shirt.

Ohio: The ghost of what appears to be a farmer in a red plaid shirt and old worn out jeans has appeared in an Avon residence on numerous occasions.

Pennsylvania: A family living in an apartment building in Alburtis has named their ghost. Nicholas is about 9 or 10 years old. All they saw was his face and plaid shirt in the mirror.

Utah: A ghost wearing a plaid shirt is seen frequently at Betty’s Cafe, formerly known as The Brickhouse, located on Main Street in Cedar City.


Canada: In August of 2010, a housewife from London, Ontario awoke to find a man in a brown-reddish checkered shirt staring at her. She screamed and her husband, who was downstairs watching television, ran to her aid. No interloper was found.

West Virginia: Author John “The Mothman Prophecies” Keel recounts the testimony of Linda Lilly from Point Pleasant. Late one night in March of 1967, Linda woke up and saw a large figure towering over her bed. “It was a man,” she said. “A big man. Very broad. I couldn't see his face very well, but I could see that he was grinning at me.” She cried out that there was a man in her room. “He walked around the bed and stood right over me.” Linda declared, “I screamed again and hid under the covers, when I looked again he was gone.” She then ran into her mother's room. When asked for a full description of the man, Linda said she thought he had been wearing “a checkered shirt.”

United Kingdom: Posting his personal bedroom invader story online, a college student relates that, in 2009, his father confided to him that he also “was woken for no reason in the early hours of the morning, looked toward the end of the bed, and he saw a man at the end of his bed, walking around the room. It was so vivid that my dad could tell me that the man was wearing a red checkered shirt, and was carrying something. The man was very tall as well. My dad called out to the man, but there was no answer. He switched on the light and the man disappeared.”


Shaun Belekurov, author of "2012 The Paranormal Cookbook," elaborates that mysterious Black Eyed Kids “dress as you would expect a normal teenager to dress (contemporary) with one exception; they seem to have a definite fashion statement in the wearing of checkered shirts or pants."


California: On March 12, 2011, Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager of Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International, posted his interview with Marcus Zeller. Marcus saw his Bigfoot in 1987, as the sun was setting on Loomis. He described the creature as about seven feet tall with broad shoulders and red eyes. “Here is the crazy thing about this Bigfoot, it was wearing a plaid shirt! It was red and white; I remember it as clear as day.”

There are no trivial solutions to these absurdities. There exists reports of high strangeness and high witness credibility for which no one - and I emphasize - no one, has been able to explain.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am kind of suspicious about the Bigfoot in plaid, but a ghost being seen in plaid would not surprise me, since it is a common color scheme all over the US, esp in farming communities.PS it is nice to see someone besides me injecting a little logic into nonsensical answers certain people put forth as the ultimate truth.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Bigfoot is dressing like a golfer! This terrible. Why would bigfoot take up golf when he could make so much money in football and boxing? What is wrong with bigfoot's agent and trainers? Bigfoot has no more hope of becoming a golf pro than a Scotsman has of playing tennis.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In our 30 years we have never seen a full-body apparition, much less the kind of clothing you describe. We would LOVE to see this....obviously it does happen - WE have never seen it doesn't mean it "doesn't exist". (For Eri, John, Shenananaa?, et al.) Because we consider a police officer as a credible witness, doesn't mean they are beyond making things up. We have ways of telling with pretty sure accuracy, whether or not it is a tall-tale. Interesting question, by the way - a breath of fresh air!

    Source(s): Marble City Ghost Hunters mcghost@gmx.com
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    4 years ago

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  • swrong
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    9 years ago

    LOL! I tried it with leopard print and came up with "ghost of a flea" and "haunted leopard print gloves", didn't read nor search any further.

    Love the Bigfoot plaid story, ROFL!

  • John
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    9 years ago

    ROFL! I guess it just adds icing to the absurdity cake. I loved the one about Bigfoot wearing a plaid shirt. I wonder where he bought the extra extra extra extra extra extra extra large size from. He probably found it on Amazon.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Its open to discussion there are basically several possible answers to the question

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