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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

急!!誰可以幫我翻成英文 老外要看的 不要翻譯機

可以換成簡單的中文翻成英文 意思一樣就好 很急很急

老外要看的 所以不要只用翻譯機

生育率下降優缺點如下:缺點1. 人才是國家發展最重要的人礦,有一流的人才,才能促進國家各項的建設,人口數減少,意謂著人才跟著萎縮,影響國家競爭力的提升2. 學校招生不足,成為教育危機,以及師資需求減少,形成人力資源浪費等3. 少子化與人口老化是一體兩面,人口老化將造成人力斷層,勞動人口減少優點1. 人民開始擁有寬闊的生活空間2. 塞車、停車問人口密度如果能下降,交通問題自然緩解3. 垃圾問題 由人口逐年成長,至使垃圾量也逐年增加4. 不會因為人口逐年成長導致電力逐年不足而需興建發電廠


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    Advantages and disadvantages of declining birthrate are as follows:


    1. Talent is the most important thing in a nation's development. With the first-class talent, it is easier to speed up the various construction of the community. While the population is in decline, the shrinkage of man power will impact negatively to the competitiveness of a nation.

    2. The school enrollment will result in education crisis. A drop of demand for teachers will produce a waste of human resources.

    3. Declining birthrate and aging population are two sides of the same problem. An aging population will cause a gap in labor force.


    1. People are to have a better living space.

    2. Traffic congestion, and parking problem will ease, when the population density decreases.

    3. Garbage problem, when growing with population increased in the past, will ease.

    4. The shortage of electricity due to population growth will ease, and the demand for nuclear power plant will ease.

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