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Is Sean Burnett a good fantasy pickup for jeff Francoeur?

Is Sean Burnett the starting closer?

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  • jreb64
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    10 years ago
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    Burnett is losing his job. Is Storen or Walden available?You can take a chance on any of several Cardinal RPs with Franklin being shuttled to the back end.

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  • 10 years ago

    depends on what you need. if you need a closer burnett isn't the best choice but at this point i'm assuming there aren't any other worthy closers left is why you are asking about him. He will get the job done but he technically isn't the "permanent" closer according to their coach but he does close most of the time so he is better than nothing. having said that a good hitter is worth more than a good pitcher in fantasy any day simply cause they get alot more opportunity to get stats. hitters paly almost every day and pitchers whether they are starters or closer don't play nearly that much. i do agree to drop francoeur though his production won't last.

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