Floridas laws regarding working on while on SSD?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    SSD is a federal program under the control of SSA, you cannot work at all while receiving benefits unless you apply for the return to work program which allows you to work while receiving benefits to test whether you can return to any type of employment if you go one the program you will have to re-qualify for SSD at some point you receive SSD with the understanding that you cannot work at any type of job and if you work you forfeit.}{

  • Ben
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    10 years ago

    First, you must understand that SSD is a federal benefit and doesn't fall under Fl law. The Social Security Administration has programs that allow you to work while receiving benefits, however, you must learn the rules of social security or you risk creating an overpayment or loss of your benefits altogether. There are restrictions as to the number of hrs you can work and the amount of money you can make. KNOW THE RULES BEFORE YOU TAKE THE RISK! 1-800 - 772- 1213

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