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What is this movie called?

alright..I don't remember much about it..I know it was a mystery movie....There was a father and a step father..there was also a little girl...and i think it was the friend of one of the fathers, or one of the fathers, that took her out of her room by her window, with her blanket, and they raped her, and then killed her...uhhmm and then the mom was going crazy because she loves her daughter..and then there was this part when they are in a restaurant and there's these guys sitting over in a corner and one of them knew something about it but wouldn't tell..not sure? Uhhhhhhhh...It was on television so it's not brand new or anything...Uhhhh?? If you can tell me what the movie is OH MY GOD i would be the happiest person in the world!


and the girl was by a tree near a parking lot too i think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Though different from your description in a number of ways, this brought to my mind the excellent (though very violent) movie "Once were warriors" made in1994 about violence in a Maori family in New Zealand and based on a novel with the same name by Alan Duff.

    Since this is probably not the movie you mean (differences being that this movie was definitely not a "mystery movie" and raped girl was not killed but commits suicide) try adding some information such as the dialect (British English, American English etc) period (60's 70's, after or before the millenium...) and of course any actors you may recall. If for example you know of any of the actors in this movie that appeared in another movie you know or have a good description of, then it should'nt be too difficult to pinpoint.

    Also try and be more specific in your description. For example if it was a "mystery movie" what was the mystery?

    Good luck

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  • 4 years ago

    It's now not Funny video games on the grounds that the girl eventually dies after being driven right into a lake. It's now not Misery or Panic Room both. But your description sounds alot like Funny video games.

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