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Songs by Taylor swift?

I would like a list of ever Taylor swift that she sings but no covers

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    Tim Mcgraw

    Teardrops on my guitar

    Picture to burn

    Cold as you

    Mary's song (Oh my my my)

    The outside

    A place in this world

    Our song

    Stay beautiflu

    Tied together with a smile

    Should've said no


    I'm only me when I'm with you

    A perfectly good heart

    Beautiful Eyes

    I heart ?

    White Christmas

    Christmas's when you were mine

    Christmas must be something more

    Santa Baby

    Silent night

    White Christmas

    1. "Jump Then Fall"

    2. "Untouchable"

    3. "Forever & Always" (Piano Version)

    4. "Come in with the Rain"

    5. "SuperStar"

    6. "The Other Side of the Door"

    7. "Fearless"

    8. "Fifteen"

    9. "Love Story"

    10. "Hey Stephen"

    11. "White Horse"

    12. "You Belong with Me"

    13. "Breathe"

    14. "Tell Me Why"

    15. "You're Not Sorry"

    16. "The Way I Loved You"

    17. "Forever & Always"

    18. "The Best Day"

    19. "Change"

    I'd Lie

    Your Face

    Your Anything

    Am I ready for Love

    Lucky You

    Smokey Black Nights

    Electric Barnyard Jingle

    Sparks Fly

    Permanent Marker

    1.American Boy- Taylor Swift

    Am I read for love?- Taylor Swift

    2.Angelina- Taylor Swift

    3Beautiful Eyes- Taylor Swift

    4Being With My Baby- Taylor Swift and Brett Beavers

    5.Best Days of Your Life- Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler

    6.Brand New World- Taylor Swift

    7.Change- Taylor Swift

    8.Can I go with you- Taylor Swift

    8.Closest To A Cowboy- Taylor Swift and Sharon Vaughn

    9Crazier- Taylor Swift and Robert Ellis Orrall

    10.Cross My Heart- Taylor Swift

    11.Dark Blue Tennessee- Taylor Swift and Robert Ellis Orrall

    12.Didn’t They- Taylor Swift

    13.Don’t Hate Me For Loving You- Taylor Swift

    14.Fearless- Taylor Swift, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey

    15.Fifteen- Taylor Swift

    16.For You- Taylor Swift

    17.Honey Baby- Taylor Swift

    18.I’d Lie- Taylor Swift

    19.I Don’t Want To Lose Your Face- Taylor Swift

    20.I Heart- Taylor Swift

    21.Live For the Little Things- Taylor Swift

    22.Lucky You- Taylor Swift

    23.Mandolin- Taylor Swift

    24.Me and Britney- Taylor Swift and Sharon Vaughn

    25.Need You Now- Taylor Swift and Robert Ellis Orrall

    26.Other Side Of The Door- Taylor Swift

    27.Revenge- Taylor Swift, Steve Bogard and Jeremy Stover

    28.Scream- Taylor Swift, Jodi Marr and Randy Craig Cantor

    29.Someone Loves You- Taylor Swift

    30.Songs About You- Taylor Swift, Sarah Buxton and Victoria Shaw

    31.Sparks Fly- Taylor Alison Swift

    32.Tell Me Why- Taylor Swift and Liz Rose

    33.This Is Really Happening- Taylor Swift and Blu Sanders

    34.Too Beautiful- Taylor Swift

    35.Under My Head- Taylor Swift

    36.Wait For Me- Taylor Swift

    37.Way I Loved You- Taylor Swift and John Rich

    38.What Do You Say- Taylor Swift, Robert Ellis Orrall and Angelo Thomas

    39.You All Over Me- Taylor Swift and Scooter Carusoe

    Cover Songs:

    Take a Bow- Rihanna

    Irreplacable- Beyonce

    Lose Yourself- Eminem

    Baby don't you break my heart slow- Vonda Shepherd

    Here you come again- Olivia Newton

    One way Ticket- Leann Rimes

    Our last Night- Better than Ezra

    Missing you- John Waite

    There's your trouble- Dixie Chicks

    Hopelessly devoted to you- Dolly Parten

    Last Christmas- Wham

    Silent Night- artist unkown

    Santa Baby- artist unkown

    White Christmas- artist unkown


    Missing you with Tyler Hilton

    Unkown song with Chuck Whicks

    Unkown song with Rascal Flatts

    Best days of your life with Kellie Pickler

    Unkown song with Jack Ingram

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    Taylor Swift CD:

    1. Tim McGraw

    2. Picture To Burn

    3. Teardrops On My Guitar

    4. A Place In This World

    5. Cold As You

    6. The Outside

    7. Tied Together With A Smile

    8. Stay Beautiful

    9. Should've Said No

    10. Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

    11. Our Song

    Fearless CD:

    1. Fearless

    2. Fifteen

    3. Hey Stephen

    4. White Horse

    5. You Belong With Me

    6. Breathe

    7. Tell Me Why

    8. You're Not Sorry

    9. The Way I Loved You

    10. Forever & Always

    11. The Best Day

    12. Change

    13. Love Story

    Speak Now CD:

    1. Mine

    2. Sparks Fly

    3. Back To December

    4. Speak Now

    5. Dear John

    6. Mean

    7. The Story Of Us

    8. Never Grow Up

    9. Enchanted

    10. Better Than Revenge

    11. Innocent

    12. Haunted

    13. Last Kiss

    14. Long Live

    Unreleased or Rare songs: (most of them you won't find them)

    1. Aching Like A Boy

    2. All Night Diner

    3. American Boy

    4. Angelina

    5. Being With My Baby

    6. Better Off

    7. Bother Me

    8. Boys And Love

    9. Brand New World

    10. Brought Up That Way

    11. By The Way

    12. Can I Go With You

    13. Castles Crumbling

    14. Check Out This View

    15. Closest To A Cowboy

    16. Cross My Heart

    17. Dark Blue Tennessee

    18. Diary Of Me

    19. Didn't They

    20. Don't Hate Me For Loving You

    21. Don't You

    22. Down Came The Rain

    23. Drama Queen

    24. Fall Back On You

    25. Fireffly

    26. Foolish One

    27. For You

    28. Gracie

    29. Her

    30. His Lies

    31. Honey Baby

    32. I Can See You

    33. I Know What I Want

    34. I Used To Fly

    35. I Wished On A Plane

    36. I'd Lie

    37. I'm Looking Out For You

    38. In The Pouring Rain

    39. Just South Of Knowing Why

    40. Kid In The Crowd

    41. Let's Go

    42. Live For The Little Things

    43. Long Time Coming

    44. Look At You Like That

    45. Love They Haven't Thought Of Yet

    46. Love To Lose

    47. Lucky You

    48. Made Up You

    49. Making Up For Lost Love

    50. Mandolin

    51. Matches

    52. Me And Britney

    53. Mr. Perfectly Fine

    54. My Cure

    55. My Turn To Be Me

    56. Nashville

    57. Need You Now

    58. Never Fade

    59. Nevermind

    60. One Thing

    61. Perfect Have I Loved

    62. Permanent Marker

    63. Point Of View

    64. R-E-V-E-N-G-E

    65. Rain Song

    66. Same Girl

    67. Scream

    68. Smokey Black Nights

    69. Someone Just Told Me

    70. Someone Loves You

    71. Songs About You

    72. Spinning Around

    73. Stupid Boy

    74. Sugar

    75. Sweet Tea & God's Graces

    76. Tell Me

    77. Ten Dollars And A Six-Pack

    78. Tennessee

    79. That's Life

    80. That's When

    81. Thinkin' Bout You

    82. Thirteen Blocks

    83. This Here Guitar

    84. This Is Really Happening

    85. This One's Different

    86. Til Brad Pitt Comes Along

    87. Timeless

    88. Too Beautiful

    89. Under My Head

    90. Wait For Me

    91. We Were Happy

    92. Welcome Distraction

    93. What Do You Say

    94. What To Wear

    95. Who I've Always Been

    96. Wonderful Things

    97. You All Over Me

    98. You Do

    99. You Don't Have To Call

    100. Your Anything

    101. Your Face

    Other songs written by her:

    1. A Perfectly Good Heart

    2. American Girl

    3. Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow

    4. Beautiful Eyes

    5. Breathless

    6. Christmas Must Be Something More

    7. Christmas When You Where Mine

    8. Come In With The Rain

    9. Crazier

    10. I Heart ? (I Heart Question Mark)

    11. I'm Only Me When I'm With You

    12. Invisible

    13. Jump Then Fall

    14. Last Christmas

    15. Monologue Song

    16. One Way Ticket

    17. Run

    18. Santa Baby

    19. Superstar

    20. The Other Side Of The Door

    21. Today Was A Fairytale

    22. Untouchable

    23. White Christmas

    Hope I helped :)

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    BQ: differences plenty, yet precise now it is final Kiss via fact the quantity of emotion she has for the time of the full track makes you basically approximately desire to cry. BQ2: a place in this international via fact i can relate to that all and sundry right and could've mentioned No via fact for some reason I purely love Taylor's vengeful area. BQ3: White Horse via fact it incredibly is a severe high quality and easy track, yet so effective. She gets better and better earlier she finally gest up off her knees and tells him no. BQ4: never strengthen Up because is the single track via Taylor that I relate to the main, it is so touching. extra effective Than Revenge via fact like I mentioned earlier i like Taylor's vengeful area. Haunted via fact the music at the back of that track is marvelous and Taylor's vocals are large.

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    Here are all of her songs with lyrics (:

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    blank space

    our song

    we are never ever getting back together

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    teardrops on my guitar

    love story

    you belong with me

    today was a fairytale


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