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Out of James Kirkland, Andre Berto and...?

Juan Manuel Lopez, who do you give the best chance of bouncing back from their upset loss and becoming an elite, P4P'er and having the best career? Out of the three, which do you think was the most over-hyped?

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    I think Berto has the best chance of bouncing back. He showed a lot of heart, and the fight itself was relatively competitive. Even though Ortiz won, both fighters came out of that fight with more respect than they had before (especially Ortiz, who has really redeemed himself).

    The most overhyped is hard to answer. They all were somewhat overhyped, but I think that Kirkland was more overrated than Lopez. Lopez had at least knocked out Daniel Ponce de Leon (in one round), and stopped a few other quality fighters.

    Kirkland beat some good mid-level guys like Joel Julio and Brandon Vera, but those were guys he should have beat. Both Kirkland and Lopez have similar styles as well, no defense, no head movement, they are one dimensional guys who try to go after you and knock you out every minute, of every round.

    So I think Kirkland was a bit more overhyped, however I don't think his loss was as devastating as Lopez', because Kirkland was off for two years and looked like he was biting off more than he could chew by fighting so often after being inactive for so long.

    It'll be very interesting to see how these fighters respond and come back. Berto should come back better than the other two, because he seems more capable of fixing his problems and becoming better.

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    Kirkland can bounce back and win a title. It was his 3rd fight in 6 weeks. he just got out of jail i think he was just doing too much. with rest he will be knocking guys out in no time.

    But I think Andre Berto will be the most successful of the 3. Even though he looked bad, I think the hits to the back of the head had a lot to do with it. Besides that i think he will get the bigger fights of the 3 and do well.

    Neither of the 3 will be done so it will be interesting watching them all try to bounce back,

    Id say Juan Ma was the most over hyped. He was the main even in his own country. Solido exposed him and think Gamboa would have done the same. Id still like to see them fight even though Lopez lost

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    1- In my opinion, Andre Berto will definately learn and bounce back to be in the top rankings in the future for sure. He was still a winner in my book, he took a fight that he knew was tough, showed a lot of heart in the fight, and helped give us fans a great fight of the year. He just really needs to work on his stamina, and good body work would help him out.. but Ortiz really just fought a great fight, and jumped another level. Berto also is in a family of fighters, so he definately has that "warrior mentality" i'm sure and will only get better.

    ???-3 Kirkland: The other two I don't want to really say because they give mixed signals. James Kirkland I knew didn't have the best defense before, but his last few fights have been a different Kirkland if you look close. There was no head movement! No quick desire to make the fight.. I wanted to punch him just by looking at that fight. I also didn't like his post-interview when he gave excuses and such, but that shows his mentality at that moment, and it is understandable after being released from jail. SO there is a slight chance he can go back on top in 2 years or so and beast the division if gets motivated, disciplined, and has just the right people. But if he doesn't he will most likely end up like Edison Miranda, someone that had power and could've been good but never learned and stayed at the b level.

    ??? 2JuanMa: Only the next fight can tell us.. Salido was overlooked by many people, and he impressed me. I thought he looked better in this fight than against Gamboa defense and movement wise. I believe JuanMa will come back on the radar but as for p4p top not sure about that. He will still be a good fighter but will be overshadowed by 3 others in his division. He'll be kind of like Cotto is doing now..

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    Juan Manuel Lopez

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    This is a Great Question!!!

    1. Andre Berto

    2. Juan Manuel Lopez

    3. James Kirkland

    Andre Berto,

    I believe, is the best of the three... potentially. Berto has been poorly handeled, he's been way too sheltered, his opponents have been sub quality, and I think he had to learn a tough lesson by being taken into deep water for the first time in his career, by a guy fighting his heart and soul out that night! Ortiz fought like a man possessed, he had something to prove, and come hell or high water he was going to prove it, and he did! It is VERY TOUGH to fight a man like that, when you were NOT expecting to! No one except Ortiz knew he was going to fight like he did! I think Berto underestimated Ortiz going into the fight, I think we all did! Underestimating Ortiz, I believe, affecting his training and mental preparation going into this, and I think Berto wasn't able to adapt quickly enough as a result. I think he needed this loss, and I think we're going to see a better Berto as a result! He needs to start fighting better opponents and start "playing in the deep end, with the big boys" and, the next time we see him, he'll be ready when that water gets deep! Berto is still young, fast, explosive, athletic, and highly skilled... and, I think he's got tons of heart, its just that he never needed it before, and he wasn't able to cope quickly enough, and his stamina was lacking... probably a really good indication of a lackluster training camp, due to underestimating Ortiz.

    Juan Manuel Lopez,

    I think he's a lot like Berto in the sense that he still possess the ability to be great! But, unlike Berto JML has been in deep water before, so he should have been able to make the necessary adjustments during the fight, and should have, I believe, been able to win that fight. Maybe, this is the best that JML can be, which is still really good, but NOT enough to be an All Time Great! My biggest reservation with Juan Ma, is that I'm not sure he can be better than what he is! Whereas, I'm sure that Berto can! Juan Ma's career hasn't been sheltered the same way that Berto's has, and so I'm not sure that this isn't all he's capable of! I hope Juan Ma isn't going to just be another talented would-a, could-a been, but never really was type of guy, but how he responds in his next two or three fights will predict his destiny and legacy!

    James Kirkland,

    I think he's a loser. Physically, Athletically, and in terms of skill... Kirkland, has the potential to be on of the best, but mentally and in terms of "heart"... he's a bum. I don't think Kirkland has the discipline, the drive, or the warrior spirit necessary for greatness. I think he's a wasted talent, and I don't think his chin will hold up in the future either. Nobuhiro Ishida is neither a powerful puncher, nor a good fighter... I think we've seen the best of Kirkland, and it wasn't that good.


    Source(s): Undefeated amateur record, Former member of the Marine Corps Boxing Team, a Lifetime of Martial arts experience, and Life in general!
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    If you were to add Daniel Jacobs to your list I'd have to say him.

    But out of the three, I would rank them like this:




    Berto is probably the best and most athletic fighter of the three. I believe he had a bad night against a tough and vicious opponent.

    Lopez is a very skilled fighter, but he can't help getting tagged and wobbled in most of his fights. I knew that was going to be his downfall since the beginning.

    Kirkland has looked horrible in his last two fights. It seems like he hasn't been taking boxing seriously. Jail really took a lot from him, and I don't believe he will come back as a superstar. Even less with Anne Wolfe out of his corner.

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    I'd have to say Juan Manuel Lopez mainly because out of the three fighters you named he not only posses the best set of skills but he's aliened with the best promotional company (Top Rank). It's well know in Boxing circles that when it comes to matching making Top Rank hardly ever makes a mistake, if their fighters lose its because they lost the fight, the matching making at that company is 2nd to none.

    I know a lot of fans love upsets, just as I do, but with Juan Manuel Marquez and James Kirkland to some degree I got the feeling that they weren't really hurt. I remember I watching the Juan Ma fight after I got off work so I was kind of tired, but when i seen the stoppage I was thinking " Whats going on he just took a big hit he wasn't staggered or out on his feet. Not to mention he was winning the fight.

    Who was the most over hyped; the easy answer would be James Kirkland, but we have to understand one thing. The Kirkland that trained with Anne Wolfe wasn't the Kirkland that got knocked out although he still had the same hype he wasn't the same fighter. Not to make excuses but like every win we have to put things into perspective; heres a fighter thats been inactive for two years, he comes out and beats two journeymen and then right away they put him in with an X-Champion thats been rounds and thats been active ( on a nine fight winning streak). I don't think James was over hyped I just think he shouldn't have been matched with a fighter that seasoned in his 3rd fight back.

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    Juanma Lopez because he is the most technical of the 3 you mentioned, and in his fights he gets too comfortable.

    I think if Juanma Lopez rematched Salido you will see a motivated Juanma and you will be posting a question saying "Does Juan Manuel Lopez deserve to be in the top 3 pound for pound list?"

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    I expect Kirkland to bounce back. I think Lopez and Berto will be okay but never viewed as possible elites again. Lopez is in trouble because he is in the same weight class as Yuri Gamboa, who destroyed Salido. Kirkland can obviously get better. The man has been in and out of jail and also fought 3 fights in almost a month, while fighting under a new trainer. If he gets some defense, I expect him to be a real problem for future opponents.

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    i think lopez, because i think he's a good fighter...

    but i don't look at berto as less because of his loss, so i don't see him as needing to bounce back....

    probably though, from a physical standpoint, a first round ko will cause a lesser amount of long term damage than a fight that went over 6 rounds would.

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