china's influence on korea and japan?

how did china influence korea and japan?

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  • 10 years ago
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    of course china's influence over the course of history in both korea and japan is tremendous.

    having said that... china's economy eats up korea and japan???? china's a third world country...

    China just bypassed Japan's economy in terms of total GDP just months ago but with 1.3-1.4 billion people (approximate estimate taking into account the numbers missed by census bureau (literally hire middle aged women in certain regions) compared to japan's 70 million plus and Korea's 49-50 million? Not to mention China's quite LITERALLY a 100 times (99.7 to be more exact) the size of Korea with around 500 times the natural resources.

    Honestly, China's not that impressive at the moment. Their accomplishments get a lot of press because of sheer size, and just by their very nature of being such a large country with a large population their GDP per capita will never be that big. That's like saying the U.S. with a population of 300 million are ever going to be richer than Liechtenstein or Luxembourg... not gonna happen.

    It's kind of the same rationale of how illogical it is for the Taiwanese to be expected by the Chinese to enter back into the Chinese fold. Taiwan actually boasts the highest standard of living in all of Asia including Korea and Japan. Shouldn't China start worrying about feeding their starving poor?

    Once again, China's GDP per capita is around $4,000... are we seriously supposed to be jealous?

    Also, with a rapidly developing economy, they're going to have to contend with inflation, which they are trying right now by intentionally slowing down economic growth by raising bank interest rates on loans. But artificial manipulation to cheapen their own currency to gain international export advantage will one day come back and bite them in the ***. Being such a large country, once inflation or any other economic problem becomes substantial, it will be exponentially harder to control it than in the smaller countries.

    I love China. Not a big fan of its government, and these uneducated morons who lack such humility. Can't believe I just got told our economy is dominated by a 3rd world country that just started controlling its infant mortality rate.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    china eats those two countries alive in economy and military might and population

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    those two countries are dependency of china and they copied everything from china and then develop to their own.

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