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how can i bring out the green in my eyes?

i have blue/green eyes. most of the time they're blue so i was wondering how i can use makeup to bring out more of the green in them?

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    By using the complimentary color! This is the color that is opposite on the color wheel. For blue the comp color is orange, and for green it would be red. Most browns have good orange and reds in them. Also any shimmer in them will reflect any light in the room. My recommendation would be a metalic copper type color. You can buy a color duo of eye makeup. These work AWESOME! Put the lighter color on first to right under your brow bone. (Close your eye and lightly feel for the bone right above the middle of your eye.) Then put the darker color on the bottom crease. I have blue green eyes also and I really like Loreal Hip studio secrets Charged, #910. It is metallic, inexpensive, and available at drug stores & Walmart.

    Normally I am very picky about using professional products, but I really like this duo!

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    Smoky brown eye shadow will bring out the green for sure. Follow a smoky eye tutorial on youtube, but make sure it's one with brown shades and not black/grey shades.

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    Add some brown shadow to your eyes to make you gorgeous eyes stand out it works

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    gold or brown eye shadows will do the trick. apply one all over your lid, then use a dark chocolate brown eyeliner on your inner rims. add brown mascara and your eyes will POP! :)

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    a nice dark smoky brown, or a nice gold. :)

    Source(s): i have green eyes too! :)
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    gold, dark green, or purple eyeshadow work best

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