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what do i do as far as my ear infections if i want to try to enlist in the military?

do i see a recruiter and tell him my medical problems and ask him what to do to see if my ears are fixable or do i tell my parents that my ears are hurting and go see a doctor, and btw i dont have a really bad ear infection right now but somone said i should go see a doctor anyway if i want any luck in getting to join the military?

but here is the problem my parents dont want me to join the military and they saying i cant join and they wont let me join and they will tell the military that im gay when im not. im 18 but im in 11th grade so im basically under there rules still?

im unsure as the whether or not get my ears fixed without telly my parents that its for the military or see a recruiter so i get my ears fixed the right way for a hope to pass through MEPS? but my parents can not know that i want join the military or they will probably refuse to pay for that one reason?

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    As a Military Veteran I will tell you that before you go into the Military you will have to go through a full physical. At that time if you have a bad ear infection the Dr. will find out. If I were you I would go to a Dr. now before I go to a recruiter and try to get it treated before you to the MEPS station and try to pass a physical. I don't know whether they would give you a waiver for an ear problem or wouldn't know that until you got into the physical with the Dr. I will tell you that if you haven't already sworn in and have passed basic training that the military will NOT pay for any Dr's bill. I wish you the best.

    Peace, Love & Happiness

    EDIT: Go to a free clinic in your city. They should be able to see you and give you treatment for your ears without your parents knowing..explain that you want to join the Military and don't want your parents to know. I joined without my parents knowing and told them AFTER I had taken the physical and sworn in.

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    I easily have heard that too and that i'm no longer thoroughly valuable. I do take no possibilities and that i coated my daughter's ears each and every time we've been out interior the wind, yet she has been out interior the wind devoid of ear coverings and did no longer get an ear an infection. i might challenge to declare that it would desire to be fake, yet do no longer take a wager purely to be secure. What does reason an ear an infection is fluid build up interior the ear canal, laying a baby flat on his/her back to drink their bottle, or perhaps having a runny nostril/sinus an infection that backs up interior the ear canals.

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