what are the kick-*** books like?

are they like sin city where like it's an actual book but has pictures, or like the old batman comics where it takes up like 5 comics to finish a story (or how many comics it does to finish up a story). you know what i mean?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Standard comic book (drawings with word balloons and sequential art to progress the plot). The story is very engaging, but be warned - it is uber-violent and filled with language and adult themes. The artist is John Romita, once of Marvel's best, and the writer is Mark Millar, who also wrote Wanted (another ultra violent comic adapted into a movie). The first series is 8 issues long; they just started a second, 6 issue series that is 2 deep as of this post. Very cool comic, but not for the kiddies.



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