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Why are people so anti-vegan?

I don't eat any animal products. I am not a weirdo. I have lost weight. I am happy. I don't even say the V word in public unless I have to. Why, after all this time, do people have to be rude to me and also think I am judging them for what they eat? I live with my boyfriend and he is an avid meat eater. I'm sure we would bond a lot if he tried my way of life and the kitchen wouldn't be partially off limits to me and it would be cool, but the bottom line is that I don't care what anyone else eats. People just assume that I do because I think about my food. I'm tired of seeing family members after long periods of time and hearing them say "but what do you EAT?" and being invited to lots of things where I know all there is going to be foodwise is sausage and ribs and it would seem SO VEGAN of me to bring a dish. How do I deal with this without being preachy. I'm tired of everyone noticing there's no pizza on my plate. Summer is coming--the cookouts, the weddings the baby showers--how do I deal with it all besides eating beforehand and not being a jerk?


Okay, I am a weirdo.

Update 2:

Okay, I am a weirdo.

Update 3:

To Daisy, it isn't that I'm tired of explaining myself...I love to share info with people that actually are interested. I'm tired of seeing relatives and telling them over and over, no I won't eat your meat but thank you very much. I know they haven't forgotten because that's all they associate me with now. I have excellent answers for their questions and would never 'reconsider.'

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    People are almost always fearful of the unknown. It causes discomfort, so don't be too surprised when they seem uncomfortable with your choices. Also, food can be something which unifies as well as something which divides. As you seem well aware, there seems to be at least a perceived history of vegetarians and vegans "preaching" to others about their viewpoint. I think a piece of this comes from misunderstood enthusiasm. Here is my advice to you:

    1. Try to make a joke or an extremely non-confrontational statement, for example, "Don't worry, I am not recruiting new converts today." You can be a little silly by saying, "I guess my mother went a little too far when she made me eat my vegetables."

    2. In response to questions about your diet, try to give a very simple example rather than a list of rules. Say for example, "Last night I had homemade cornbread with black bean chili."

    3. Match your food plans to the specific situation. For some events, bring along the vegan dish which you made and place it with the other food so people can help themselves if they choose. Make sure you use your most irresistable recipes. For some events, bring a single portion in a container in your purse, and then put it on the same plates everyone else is using. If it is a large event with people walking around, they might not notice, or they might go to the serving area trying to find whatever you found. For some events, you simply must eat at home before you go, and carry a little trail mix or other snack in your bag.

    4. Enjoy being a weirdo. Variety is the spice of life!

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    Cookouts: Bring one (or more) dishes to share. Bringing just enough for yourself screams "obnoxious vegan," bringing a dish for everyone screams "I like to cook." And I've never had a hostess object to throwing a boca burger on the grill for me.

    Weddings: Food is typically inedible anyway. Just go for the dancing. If you're starving, graze where you can, ask if you can get a salad with oil and vinegar, and eat the rolls.

    Baby showers: There's always a fruit salad. And in my experience they're generally not set at a mealtime so it's easy to attend without eating anything. No one is shocked by anyone's refusal to eat a slice of bakery sheet cake.

    Well-meaning relatives: are annoying but what can you do? Put up with it. Why are they noticing your food intake, anyway, if you aren't making it public? Fill your plate with the vegan food (you've brought a dish or two to share, remember?), and when someone says "you must try some of Aunt Sylvia's lovely _____," you can say "Oh, sorry, no room; I'll take some later" and when later rolls around, be "too full to eat another bite" or "oh, yes, I tasted it, I must get the recipe."

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    people are mean. i hate how i cant say anything without people judging me and being an ***. everywhere you go, someone is going to be a jerk about how you eat. im a vegetarian but the only dairy product i really eat is butter and those other hidden animal products in food. the key is to just not care about what others think

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    It's what happens when you go against the norm. People give me crap because I don't eat grains, beans or dairy, and eat lots of meat and produce. But, like you, I feel great, have lost weight and both I and my doctor are very happy with my dietary choices and the positive effect it's had on my health.

    I'd advise developing a thicker skin and to stop worrying about hurting everyone else's feelings. You can't please everyone all the time :)

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    People are anti-vegan because the thought of living without meat is depressing. If you avoid eating meat, then you must think there's something wrong with doing so.

    I think if you dread these interactions, they're going to be unpleasant. If you start with the mentality that it doesn't really matter, it shouldn't bother you so much.

    What do you eat, BTW?

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    yep, bring your own dish of food

    then say, "oh it's not pot luck?"

    Source(s): I'm not a vegan, it's not in the plan for us to be one - but each to his own
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    What are you looking for here?

    You have CHOSEN to eat a diet well outside mainstream America. And you're tired of being asked to explain yourself? How do people know you're vegan? Because you tell them so. Don't tell them if you don't want to hear questions. And if you can't give them a sensible answer, maybe you should reconsider your decision?

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