Who do you think murdered Rosie Lawson?

I am wondering if the father maybe caught her with the ex-boyfriend and he did it or if it was a group of people that had to do with the campaign? Maybe, she was having an affair with the guy that is in politics. (Name?) You can go online to Rosies bedroom and look for clues. In her bedroom she is in pictures with alot of asian people. Who are they? A foreign exchange student? And his family maybe? You can go to her bedroom and see videos of her on her computer and pics, it's really spooky but it is going to keep us on the edge of our seats until we know. Maybe, her best friend is hiding stuff because she is too quiet for some reason. Also, there is an attempt to make sure everyone knows she is looking for Rosie? She leaves a message on her answering machine in her room that is very odd and on her MiWorld on her computer read her messages from Sterling.?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Not sure.....But i think they wrote her off because she had a baby ..she was 4 months pregnant when this show first aired

    Mireille Enos has experience acting for two. In the TV series “Big Love,” she played twins; as the star of the new series “The Killing” on AMC, she shot the pilot while she was four months pregnant.

    “The Killing,” an American version of the Danish TV series “Forbrydelsen,” is the 35-year-old actor’s breakout performance; the show, set in Seattle, has won raves from critics and many have praised her performance as homicide detective Sarah Linden, a woman pulled between her investigation of a gruesome murder and her move with her fiancé to another city.

    Enos, who was born Kansas City, Missouri, and raised from around the age of five in Houston, Texas (her mother is French-Italian, her father American), talked to The Wall Street Journal about her role on “The Killing.”


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