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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 9 years ago

Critical Mos in the marine corps or marine corps reserve?

I really have a strong desire to join the marine corps. I recently had to leave college becuase money was running short and the marines seems like a great place for me to finally grow up and become a man. The only problem is i have some skeletons in my closet there arent anything really serious but i know it will prevent me from getting some of the jobs i may possibly want. being a marine is something i want so im willing to take almost any job that is avaliable. so are there any Critical need mos ? i know theres infantry and im willing to do that i just want to know all my options before i become a rifleman thanks so much for your time


oh and by the way im 20 years old i will make 21 in 4 months and i have a possesion of weed charge and drug paraphanelia on my record i know i know its was extremly dumb and i was in the wrong place at the wrong time it still doesnt change the fact and i accept what i dod and im trying to better my life im 100 drug free and im in really great shape i know i can ace the pt test im just looking for another chance at life

Update 2:

thank you guys so much for the info ive looked into lingust and intell but to obtain those jobs you will need a top secret security clearence and with my priors that will probally not happen ive talked to a few people and they have mentioned going reseerve because the enlisment is 6 years and not alot of people are willing to do it. I will take any job it will be a life expereince that i will learn from so if i hate it or love it i will come out a better person

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    it depends on how old and how big the skeletons are. like, if you killed a man and his family, you might not be able to get in but if you just have some parking tickets, you can.

    my sister in laws son got into the marines with a posession charge, he is 0311, so i think you will be good.

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  • 9 years ago

    they might not take you b/c of your record. the military is EXTREMELY picky about that now a days. right now there isn't a critical need for a specific MOS b/c EVERYBODY is trying to join the military b/c it's one of the only stable jobs in our economy right now. so jobs are usually always filled. Infantry is one of the most sought out jobs so i'd look somewhere else. all young kids right out of high school want to be infantry. if you score well enough on your ASVAB and DLAB (google them if you don't know what they are) apply for a linguist jor intelligence MOS's. they are hard to get but they are always in demand b/c it's hard to find people who are qualified for that MO


    if you have a 2.5 gpa in college i HIGHLY recommend you look into the Army ROTC scholarship instead of enlisting.

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  • 9 years ago

    i doubt they'll take you if u had and relations with weed or drugs i seen kids get shut down in MEPS because they said the smoked weed just once or anything like that so that ruined they're whole enlistment when they could have just lied but this is actully on your record so im not sure

    Source(s): personal experience currently in DEP
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  • glass
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    What the settlement says, is what you will do. whether in case you visit bootcamp with an open settlement then that must be an entire incredible tale. in case you prefer infantry, and its handy than you will get it. Its so easy as that.

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