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Would you vote for me if I ran for President?

Here is a brief summary of what I would do if I ever held office:

1.) Slash "defense spending" and focus what remains on protecting us here, at home. This means no more wasteful wars, no more random boondoggles, and more focus on border security and crime prevention.

2.) Return tax rates to the Clinton era levels. Over 22 million jobs were created under Clinton, including over 20 million in the private sector. Not to mention, doing this would shave a good $5 trillion off the deficit in the next decade.

3.) Get serious about fighting the deficit by making necessary cuts in other areas. Notice how I said necessary- I would cut as little as possible from education and science.

4.) Improve and modernize American infrastructure. Not only would this create jobs, but it would make for a more efficient America and thus a stronger one.

5.) Fix the national health care and education systems. Our nation is absolutely pathetic when it comes to these- they both need real, serious, and meaningful reform.

6.) Commit to fighting climate change once and for all by increasing fuel standards, taxing carbon emissions, and investing in alternative energy sources. Aside from China, we are the World's top producer of CO2 emissions- we should also be a leader in solving the problem of climate change.

7.) End corporate lobbying/ welfare, special interest, and all other forms of corporatism. The government should serve it's people, not corporations. (And no, corporations aren't people. Sorry.)

8.) End the government's role in regulating marriage. Marriage is a religious tradition- why should the government decide who should and shouldn't get married? Individual churches would be allowed decide whether or not they wish to marry certain individuals- marrying same sex couples would be neither required nor prohibited.

9.) Repeal the PATRIOT Act. This law is both unpatriotic and unconstitutional- it needs to be abolished.

10.) Promote a government that is transparent, honest, and dedicated to solving the nation's problems. For too long, people on both sides of the aisle have been so caught up in corporate money and political games that they have been unable to focus on solving the issues at hand. This needs to change.

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    I agree with all those, except the one about marriage (and I'll get to that in a minute). The problem is that in order to win you have to take corporate money. So even if you make promises like this, once in office you will be a corporatist.

    Remember Obama began his campaign calling for a Single Payer healthcare system. Later he said he didn't think Single Payer would work 'in a country like this one'. He backed off his position to Public Option, and then gave that away too. Of course between this Single Payer and Public Option positions, he accepted money from the big health care corporations. It cost $600 million to get him elected president, and the next president might spend a billion.

    Now, as for marriage. When we talk about marriage we're talking about two completely different and separate things. We confuse them, sometimes deliberately.

    One definition of marriage is a religious sacrament. Two people stand up in front of all their friends and relatives, a minister mumbles some words over them, and then they are considered joined in the eyes of God. Of course churches should have total control over this. They have the right to decide who they'll marry and who they won't, and the government should just stay out.

    But the other definition of marriage is a civil partnership. Two people enter into a contract allowing them to share their lives, co-mingle finances, own property jointly, inherit without probate, make certain decisions for one another. And that is a government thing, like any partnership arrangement. Any two people should be able to enter into a partnership. For instance, suppose two old widows decide to pool their resources, buy a house together, and become a 'family'. Sex and reproduction have nothing to do with it. They should be able to form the same kind of legal partnership as a man and a woman. Why not? So they can share a common bank account to pa house expenses, they can visit one another in the hospital, one can inherit the other's half of the house, etc.

    Otherwise, though, I think you have the perfect platform. Just what we really need!

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    10 years ago

    That sound great, And so many Presidents Promise so much before they get elected, That's why Obama was elected, But he broke a lot of those promises, I feel Obama does not know how to Govern the Country.

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    10 years ago

    If you add one more thing:

    11.) Create a barter system for the middle east to obtain our oil. If they want $100.00 for a barrel of oil we want $100.00 for a bushel of grain. Since we are the primary food source for the world it should work quite well for us. After all, we can last a lot longer without oil then they can last without food. You add that to your platform and not only will I vote for you I will work my behind off for your campaign.

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    Yes, I agree these are steps we need to take to make our country as prosperous as possible.

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  • ClintH
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    10 years ago

    I like it. You would have my vote. I'm just not sure how you would be able to do this with a Republican house.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    hell yes, i'd try to get all my friends that's of age to also vote for you too.

  • yes...all that wud be pretty nice

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