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Why can't i log in at my profile in my laptop?

i just got this new laptop last month and i have been using it till now and then just a while ago it wont let me log in at my profile everytime i enter my password a message appears it says that profile log in service cant load my profile then signs me out now i can only use the guess profile help please? i have alot of important files and schoolwork in that profile and i really need to acess it as soon as possible


yes it's an administrator profile and i'm using windows 7

i put my password correctly but i still get the same problem

it keeps saying that it wont log in

but before this started to happen i got to log in in my profile but it said something about an error with the drive or the network and there was nothing in my desktop but a recycle bin not even a screen saver or all my data. after i restarted my laptop this started happening

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is the profile you can't load the Administrator one?

    Have you tried doing a menu shutdown of the computer, wait a few minutes then power back On? Once, my computer wouldn't recognize my login password and I simply shut down the computer and brought it back up and it worked.

    Are you sure you're using the correct password & your Caps Lock is Off?

    If there's a second administrator account that can be logged into, you can use that one to recover or rename your other password.

    I'd need more information (i.e. OS version you're using) to help further.


    OK, so it sounds like there was some kind of hard drive/OS file corruption that kind of wiped out your profile or something. This is what I think you should try next. Try doing a system restore to an earlier time prior to when you started having problems. This hopefully will get you back to where it was working before, provided there is still a valid restore point that you can use. This fixes OS problems when it works, but doesn't hurt data files that you've made and need. Check this link for the details on how to do it:

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    1 decade ago

    no idea

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