Buying vs Pirating (illegal)...?

What are your thoughts on people who "pirate" video games?

Which do you do?

What are the pros and cons in your opinion?

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    10 years ago
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    I think pirating games is disgraceful as no money goes to the creators/ designers/ publishers etc. of the game. If they are not getting any money for the game, what incentive do they have to make another one? I know the majority of people do it in countries such as Brazil as games are so expensive over there but im totally against the idea of pirating games and buy all my games from authentic retailers. Having said that, the revenue from preowned games doesnt go to the publishers but thats a different story. As for the pros and cons; well its free, lazy people dont have to go to the shops. But the team behind the game are loosing out, no money goes back in to the industry, theres no physical game...

    And just because your not taking a physical object its still stealing as you're taking something without paying.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    hmm ..I think pirating video games , or any files that are licensed and copyrighted are illegal and very wrong thing to do but we all do it one way or the other.

    Developers of the games ,they work hard hours a day everyday until the games are made and the game completion time could be up to 2 years or maybe more. Therefore from looking at their perspective they deserve to get paid , well I don't know how the payment system is like for a company to give paychecks to their employees could be monthly calculated by amount of time they spent in work or when the game is actually made and have made profit from it and it equally being shared to it's developers.

    My point is if 90% of the world's population starts to pirate things

    the developers would starve.. and if the game developers actually starve from making games and wants to get paid well from other job.. Games would not be made at all at some point

    No game makers means no games for us to enjoy.. Who would want to work that don't pay well..?

    well this won't happen in our life time but if pirate system grow larger it will happen eventually.

    I'd say PROS are that we get to play games without paying and everybody likes 'FREE-stuff'

    and CONS are that developers go hungry.Plus people that pirates gradually lose their conscience.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I Beleive pirating isnt that bad Here are my reasons.

    Pirating is copying the game not stealing,

    They are missing out on multiplayer due to the anti piracy measures,

    Most people who pirate games actually can't afford the game.

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