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Does He Like Me? Was This A date? Too soon to date again?

I went to a movie with a good guy friend of mine. I just broke up with a guy a week ago, and he has been the one that has been talking to me about it and making me laugh about the whole situation. My ex and I had no communication Whatsoever, we kinda just made out and never talked. Combines we had a total of 200 texts in the 2 months we were dating. My friend (the one i went to the movie with) has been my friend since 8th grade, we are sophomores now, and he dated my ex best friend between 8th grade and freshman year. I liked him between freshman and sophomore year but he didn't like me. Now my friends were telling me that he liked me at one point, however my other friend told me that he likes some freshman now that is in our math class so I don't know what to thing. I was telling him how im sad that i don't hang out with some of my friends anymore because they are closer to me ex and how i have no one to hang out with. He offered that we hang out and I asked him what we would do and he said we should see a movie. We caught a late movie, at 8ish, we saw "Paul" we actually argued about weather to see Paul or Hanna and he ended up paying for my ticket because my dad had called me. I was planning on buying my ticket but he beat me to it. He also asked me if i wanted any food but i said no because i didn't want him to pay for everything because he doesn't have a job so I felt bad. We joked throughout the movie and after we waled about the entire mall for 30min before our parent picked us up. we talked about my ex for a bit (like 2 seconds cause i changed the subject) and just random stuff. Ive been texting him every day for the past week and we have long conversations. I think he likes me but im unsure, and im also unsure if this was a sate. please help me!!! And I cant just ask him because we are good friends, like Best friends HELP!

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    If you're good friends, you *should* be able to talk to him about this. I know what you mean, but it's now time to take your friendship to another level of trust. Tell him flat out what's going on: you're not sure you're ready to date again, but you kind of like the idea that he might want to date you, and -- most important -- if the romance part doesn't work out, you do *not* want to quit being his friend.

    Can you manage that? There are a lot of ways to present it, beginning with "I want to make sure we don't trip over this" to "I'm your friend first and always, but I think I might want to be your girlfriend, too."

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    Hon, its without doubt too quickly to begin relationship. You have been engaged for a complete 12 months!! You're gonna fairly want a while to recover from this. I'm certain you ended the connection for a cause. So attempt to paintings the ones disorders out first. Therefore, you wont repeat the equal errors. And except, there is not anything improper with taking a while for your self. Sometimes persons simply bounce from one dating to the following too rapid. Take a while for your self and make certain the following dating is correct. Don't pull an Eddy Murphy!

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