Should I drop Angel Sanchez for Jonathan Herrera?

Sanchez is doing decent but Herrera is playing very well and the Rockies are a great team to have fantasy players from this year. He also seems to be starting every game now

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  • 9 years ago
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    yeah I would absolutely do that....Sanchez is simply less talented that Herera,but most importantly....

    Herera is hitting 2nd ahead of Cargo and Tulo.He will see a lot of good pitches,and he will score runs and steal bases.

    Sanchez has started off strong,but the Astros have a weak lineup,so I just dont see him keeping it up.

    also,I seriously doubt that anyone would grab Sanchez off waivers-unless its a very deep league.So if Herera starts to struggle,Sanchez will probably be available to pick back up.

    Jose Lopez has been awful and Herera has been great,so he should be starting every day.

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