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Who would win these matches(EWE)?

F.F.G. results from- 3/1/11: Drew McIntyre wins the M.I.T.B. match, Tommy Dreamer beats Mankind in extreme rulez, Doug Williams wins Ultimate X, Edge def. Alex Dman, The Miz & Morrison win the tag titles in the fatal 4-way tag match, Desmond Wolfe beats The Pope, CM Punk retains the World title against Austin Aries.

Event#1: CM Punk makes his way to the ring with the World title around his waist. As Punk is handed a mic, Joey Styles says from the commentary table not to hand Punk a microphone. Taz tells Styles to shut his mouth. Punk starts by saying how at Fight For Glory he possibly had the match of his life against Austin Aries and if he had the choice he'd want to wrestle Aries again.....but wait, Punk does have that power being the World champion! Punk asks Aries if he agrees to this? Austin Aries makes his way out and into the ring. Austin says that he would love another shot at the Heavyweight title. The 2 then shake hands in the ring. The match is set for Destruction Welcomed 2011 next month, CM Punk vs. Austin Aries #2 for the EWE World Heavyweight Championship!(GM Ted DiBiase makes his way out) Ted says that it's great to see how Champion and challenger can come to terms on a rematch. But, can they work together as a team when they to 1-on-1 against The Dudleyz?(The Dudleyz theme hits)

1. Tag Team match: CM Punk(c)/Austin Aries vs. The Dudleyz(Brother Ray/D-Von)

Event#2: The Chairman is talking to Thomas Rule about his mixed tag match with Kelly Kelly against John Morrison and Melina. Joey says that Tommy Dreamer and Mankind are 2 of the most extreme wrestlers in EWE, other than the extreme originals EWE's had since it's beginning. Joey then announces that Dreamer & Mankind will have a rematch tonight and the match will be made by the GM, Ted DiBiase. Then as soon as Thomas Rule walks away he hears a car engine coming by fast and hears Joey scream! As Rule returns, Joey is laying down in pain and Rule yells for someone to call an ambulance.

2. Melina vs. Kelly Kelly

Event#3: The Million Dollar Man is shown on the titantron. He tries to explain that this car accident with Joey was no accident. and that he will find who did it and will fire the guilty person or party who did it. Also, Joey did say that next week I have the duty to announce a temporary chairman until the big boss is finished healing.(Tommy Dreamer's music hits)

Tommy: "Ted, how about u just spill the beans right now? Why don't I save u the breath and tell them who it is.....ME!"

Ted DiBiase: "Dreamer...."

Tommy: "Yes, that's right it! I'm the temporary chairman. And who else, right?"

Ted: "Dreamer it isn't u. U gotta match right now against the man u beat at Fight For Glory."

Tommy: " WHAT! It isn't me? Maybe ur mistaken and as for Mankind I beat him once & I can beat him again."

Ted: "Good luck, and as for who the new chairman is? I will introduce him next week's show."

3. Tommy Dreamer vs. Mankind

Event#4 Mark Henry and Big Show are talking backstage about their next match. A #1 Contender's triple threat match for the EWE Extreme title at EWE's Destruction Welcomed pay-per-view. Santino Marella walks in the middle of the two and Big Show tells Marella: "Santino, don't u realize the only way to win this triple threat tonight is to pin either myself or Mark Henry, which is going to be a little diffucult for a tiny dude like urself?" Santino says that he's not small and he's pretty sure he knows what he's doing. Santino then slaps the Big Show and runs to the ring)

4. Triple Threat match: #1 Contender's match for the Extreme title!

Santino Marella vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Event#5: Thomas Rule comes up to Kelly Kelly. Thomas tells Kelly that her match tonight was great and he'd like to know if he could take her out to dinner sometime. Kelly Kelly starts jumping for joy and accepts Rule's offer when the GM makes his way into the room. Ted says: "Thomas Rule, one of EWE's most prestigious wrestlers! I've got news for u. Starting next week ur boy, Jesse will make his very 1st match here in EWE! But, not before he's got his very 1st match in TsWRW against one of my rookies being that Jesse will only be a rookie himself." Rule thanks the GM for giving his friend the honer of competing for EWE. Ted also says that there is a method to his madness, a non-title match for EWE's main event tonight. It's gonna be X Division Champion, Desmond Wolfe against Thomas Rule with Kelly Kelly!(out of nowhere Triple H and Shawn Michels pop up beside Ted and ask Rule "Are u ready?", as Rule replies: "Oh, I'm always ready!")

MAIN EVENT: Non-title match

Desmond Wolfe(c) vs. Thomas Rule w/Kelly Kelly

Give this edition of EWE a rating and answer the WQ below!

WQ: Edge retired from the WWE due to a n


due to a neck injury he suffered. Who do u think in ur opinion will be the next wrestler(WWE or TNA) to retire due to injury?(or unexpectedly like Edge did)

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    Segment 1: Anything with CM Punk is gold.

    Match 1: CM Punk and Austin Aries d. Dudley Boyz via submission. D Von taps out to Horns of Aries. 7/10

    Segment 2: Pretty cool?

    Match 2: Melina d. Kelly Kelly via her Sunset Flip Powerbomb. 4/10

    Segment 3: Very interesting

    Match 3: Mankind d. Tommy Dream via Mandible Claw. 5/10

    Segment 4: That's funny, haha.

    Match 4: Big Show d. Mark Henry and Santino via KO punch on Santino. 6/10

    Segment 5: Thomas Rule must be important. Nice segments to make us understand that.

    Match 5: Desmond Wolfe d. Thomas via DQ. Thomas makes an impact and destroys Desmond. 8/10

    MATCH VALUE: 30/50 D


    OVERALL SHOW: 75/100 C+

    THOUGHTS: Overall a very good show. You're doing good pushing Thomas Rule, the CM Punk segment was good, and the Hardcore Title Match should be sick. Keep it up! These are better than what TNA puts up.

    WQ: The Undertaker or Rey Mysterio are soon to retire. Mysterio has a nagging knee, and Taker has a nagging neck and a nagging back.

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    CM Punk and Austin Aries



    Mark Henry

    Desmond Wolfe

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    cm punk





    i will say idk lol u lol :) just kidding lol

    anyway promo: of course i have a idea who will be the chairman of ewe funtil joey returned but not for sure lol anyway promo im the best and i will do the best i can do

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