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Do you think Orlando Magic regret trading Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis for J-Rich, Arenas, Hedo?

I can say that Arenas and Hedo has played worst Hedo hasn't been the same since he first left the magic and Arenas hasn't been the same player we use to seeing him I think its physically and mentally with him and Carter and J-rich the same time but Carter and J-rich has been somewhat playing the same way off and on in games this season to me its a coincidence that J-rich played better ball when he was with the Suns then the Magic and Carter was playing a little better with the Magic then he did with the suns what are your thoughts?

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    It's not like Carter and Lewis were doing great things in Phoenix and Washington.

  • They were better with Carter and Gortat and Lewis. They were really good last year and this year they didnt even give that group a shot. Carter had 1 bad playoff series and Otis Smith just sends him away

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    yeah they do i propose look at Vince Carter. NBA expert analysts say he has the main expertise on the Magic team yet he lacks motivation. How approximately Rashard? he's definitely one in each and every of the superb 3-component shooters interior the full league as of immediately. in the event that they have those products precise now, i wager they are going to sweep the Hawks 4-0.

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    Idk if Carter was gonna make a huge difference since he's declining. But they traded away Gortat and Lewis those were their mistakes. They're even thinking about trading Howard this offseason b/c he's a FA after next yr. Ask this later though their season isnt over yet.

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