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Around how much do I to pay for a car crash?

So I hit a car with my friends car which his insurance isnt going to cover me. I broke the front bumper and a headlight from the other guy. the bumper brand new is less then 150 and headlight is 50. I told the guy I would buy him the parts and put them on but he didnt want to because he was being a little b*tch. Around how much is the bill going to be from his insurance. It was a saturn ion 2004 I just hope its less then 500 bucks


$1000+ this aint no lamborghini bumper. His bumper was just scratch on the side. For I all care I could just say I hit his bumper and his headlight was already broken there was no police report.

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    Don't call him names, you are the one that was negligent!! If you have a car that is insured or if you are listed on your parents policy then your policy may extend to your driving the friends car. Check it out.

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    And why would he need to let you put them on his car?

    You hit his car. I wouldnt' trust you with anything, if I was him. The guy you hit, his insurance will pay for the damages. And then bill you.

    For a replacement bumper, paint matched, etc, it could easily cost up to $1000.

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    Prob $1200. if bumper supports arent damaged, or there's other unseen damage.

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