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Whats a good story name?

So I'm writing a story about a girl named Hunter and a guy named Jason. Hunter has a boyfriend named Ryan, who left on a vacation for 3 months. Jason has a girlfriend named Willow who's extremely innocent and doesn't like it when Jason touches her or anything. So Jason and Hunter meet and they like get together and cheat in their relationships. What's a good name for a story like this?

This is quite awkward.


They're 16. They live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Update 2:

Oh & yes, in the end, they get caught.

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    Our Little Secret

    Run Away Now

    Just a Little Love Game

    Can't Hide

    Move a Little Slower

    Just Say Yes

    We Belong

    What the Heart Wants

    Lovely Little World

    Party of Two

    Without You

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    Hunter's Catch, Do you have anymore of the story? Where are they from? Do they get caught? How old are they?

  • Meant to Be

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    The boys, the girls, and one big cheat

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    not much to work with for a title.

    When two ends meet.

    broken ends of a shoelace

    rofl idk sorry xD

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