The Crucible: John Proctor's downfall?

How is John Proctor’s downfall in "The Crucible" a

combination of fate, a mistake in judgment, and personality flaw?


John Proctor is not the minister. He was the man who had the affair with Abigail Williams.

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    9 years ago
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    fate well - in the end, he died with his a pure heart, something he had been struggling with since his affair. "He have his goodness now.God forbid I take it from him." - that was his fate.

    Mistake in judgement - he swore to the courts his life could not lie, he believed that she would not lie for him to cover his adultery, he was so convinced of this that he staked his own life on it. Well his was wrong, and his wife dropped her values to protect her husband by lying for him...

    personality flaw - well his lack of a devotion to god, he resented the way Christianity was portrayed to be in his community, he didn't want to live among the hypocrisy... so because he wasn't truly devoted to god, he had sex with Abby, and could never forgive himself and it is what led to his death and his wifes imprisonment.

    Source(s): hope it helps. have critically read it many times, and it is a book i hold very close to myself.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Is John Proctor the minister?

    If he is then I'd say his problem lies in thinking he knows everything and that he is perfect. IE god is a man and since he...John also a man...(and a "man of god" as a minister)...he has the right to judge others...particularly women...and sentence them to death i.e. turn them into outcasts, puclicly shame and riducule them for decisions they have made in their own lives that have nothing to do with him or his male god.

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