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Breathing problems help ? Anxiety ?

It feels like I can't breathe...I know I can but it feels like the air doesn't go into my lungs and I get scared. I saw 2 doctors and a nurse and they said my lungs sounded clear. I don't have asthma, I'm not wheezing, coughing, short of breath or gasping for air. I sleep perfect at night. It justceels like I have to breathe really deep to get oxygen. My sats were 100%. I have had panic attacks lately and they diagnosed me with anxiety and allergies. My nose is stopped up, I just don't know why it feels like I have to breathe deep Nd it still doesn't feel like air goes into my lungs. I'm 14 years old, can anyone help me out? My heart, lungs and oxygen levels are fine. Just feels like I can't get air, and it feels like I have to breathe deep all the time :(

I sleep great at night. I just got done taking a nap since I didn't get sleep last nfht because I was disrupted. It's just like every time I wake up it feels like I have a breathing problem and I panic some. I feel scared and it feels like the air isn't going into my lungs. It feels like there's a lump in my throat and my stomach is queasy. Shaw goin on ?

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    OMGGGGGG, im 14 years old too i have anxiety and i have a really hard time breathing just like you said and i have been getting panic attaacks lately too, so please don't worry it might be kind of worrying and all but you'll not realy thing its a big deal after you feel a lot better k ? =)

    not one person has dies from aneity and panic attacks and all

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    The heavy breathing might be related to the panic attacks,or from too much stress.

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