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Does Israel recognize the Armenian genocide?

Also what is Israel view on the pseudo state of TRNC(N.Cyprus).

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    Officially, the State of Israel does not recognize the Armenian Genocide.

    Unofficially, everyone seems to believe it happened (which it did).

    The reason Israel hasn't officially recognized such is because "they are good friends with Turkey". Actually, it's because Turkey holds it's friendship with Israel as ransom for them not to recognize it. Basically, Turkey blackmails Israel, by saying that with a recognition of it, they lose Turkey. Israel could probably survive without Turkey, but it wouldn't be as easy.

    However, while Turkey can make that threat to Israel's parliamentary body, the Knesset, it cannot affect the Israelis' true opinions. There is an Armenian Studies department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and they teach it. Also, like I said, the Israelis recognize the genocide of the Armenians, so it's really in name only that Israel doesn't "recognize" it, since it is recognized.

    I have to commend Armenia, who understands Israel's position, and has never threatened their friendship with Israel to force them to recognize it. They understand what Israel is dealing with, so they don't push it, or so it at least appears on the outside. Armenia has such a great understanding, unlike Turkey.

    Given today's circumstances, I would not be surprised if the Armenian Genocide is going to be recognized by the State of Israel soon. Someone should push it through, and I would think that it would pass. And, hopefully, it'll just call Turkey out on a bluff.

    Concern North Cyprus: As far as I am concerned, it's not a recognized country. I think that only Turkey represents it as such. In any case, I'm sure the majority of Israelis view North Cyprus as not a state, and certainly are more supportive of the Greek Cypriots. I know a lot of Israelis go to Cyprus for vacation, and a lot get married there, so it's more that understandable that they would like the Southern part better.

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    Israel does not seem to have a clear-cut view on North Cyprus, but they probably don't recognize it as a legit nation. Rather, they probably think of it as a zone occupied by Turkey.

    As for the Armenian Genocide, Israel has not officially recognized it, but based on quotes and sayings from major Holocaust survivors and Jewish leaders, the vast majority of them recognize it as such. The Israeli government has an alliance with Turkey, which is important to Israel in terms of its Middle Eastern policy, and Turkey has put tons of pressure on the Israeli government to not take a position on it. However, things could change, especially with recent diplomatic trouble between the two nations concerning Palestine and Lebanon.

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    Only Turkey is in denial when it comes to the Armenian Holocaust

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    The Armenian genocide happened long before Israel was founded. So I don't suppose there is any compelling reason for the government to confront it.

    Actually, Hitler referred to the Armenian genocide as justification for the Jewish Holocaust; since people weren't making a big issue about the Armenians anymore [?], surely they could kill off the Jews in a similar manner without provoking too much outrage. Well, you have to remember that this was Hitler talking. It doesn't make sense to me, but to him it did.

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    Israelis and Jews do.

    In fact, the only museum dedicated to the Armenian Genocide that I know of is in Jerusalem.

    The Israeli govt does not speak on the matter however. They are under great pressure from Turkey. Turkey forbids any mention of it; and Turkey is one of the few states in the region friendly with Israel.

    If relations should fall apart, the government would no longer have Turkish pressure on them to avoid the subject.

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    It SHOULD. The AKP government unlike its predecessors does not deserve this shameful tribute from Israel.

    What a shame that other countries that Israel can now ally itself with, such as Greece, Armenia and Kurdistan, are not as powerful as Turkey.

    антитеррор: What reliable tabloid sources! Ataturk was Albanian-Macedonian, or Anatolian-Yörük Oghuz Turkish. The Jewish story was because his mother was born in Salonika in Greece which had many Jews. It was used by the religious opposition against him even from Imperial days. Kiski like you don't have to be so bitter that Russia's only period of modern world dominance was state-crafted by men of Jewish stock.

    Strange how you attack the Greeks - I thought pan-Orthodox unity was a big deal for Russkies.

    I'm starting to think you're not really Russian, it's a ruse. I've never met a Russian who could be so mind-numbingly inane.

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    Yes people here know so much about it since turkey started to blame israel for genocide.

    there were articles about it and people know that turkey is guilty !

    About the knesset, im not really sure but i think they mentioned something about it, at least some members said stuff about it on the news.

    israel support the armenian since they passed the same in ww II.

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    Israel should recognize the Armenian Holocaust, a terrible crime against humanity.I do not think should recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, it is not a legitimate state.

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    not officially, the knesset never put out a law that states that israel recognize the armenian genocide.

    about n. cyprus - i have no idea.

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    It should do as the perpetrators were the Young Turks who were predominantly Dönmeh or Sabbateans who were Crypto Jews. Kemal ataturk wasa secret Jewish descendant of the Jewish false messiah Sabbatai Zevi.

    Source(s): Secret Jews of Turkey (Doenmeh) | Masonic Dictator Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Was Jewish Who were responsible for Armenian Genocide??
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