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London to Birmingham? Route? Travel card? Price?

Me and my friend are planning a trip to Birmingham (The Bullring) and I think I've got our route figured out:

We're leaving our nearest train station (Orpington) and going from there to London Bridge. Then we go from London Bridge to Euston Underground Station. We go from Euston Underground Station to Birmingham New Street.

I am 14 and she is 15, the prices seem really expensive at £48.00 minimum.

I can't work out which zone Birmingham is in and I was wondering if there is some kind of cheap, day rail card you can get that works in all the zones?

If anybody knows of a card like this or an easier, cheaper route to Birmingham please let me know :)

Also if you have easy-to-follow instructions from Birmingham New Road Station to the Bullring I would be grateful as I don't understand the ones on the website.

Thank you!

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    Birmingham is of course way outside the London travelcard zones. Since you're both under 16, you can both get child return fares - an off-peak (for example all day Saturday or Sunday) return from Orpington to Birmingham New Street is £24.25 (£22.15 from Euston to New Street). However, if you book an "Advance" ticket on a particular train, a child single from Euston to New Street can cost as little as £5.25 to £9.

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    Birmingham New Street is in zone 1 of the Network West Midlands area which is separate from the London Zones (obviously enough)

    To get tickets cheaper I suggest child oyster cards and buying tickets from Orpington to London Bridge, using the Oyster to Euston and then London to Birmingham. Naturally if you can get advance tickets all the better.

    You should be able to get from London to Birmingham more cheaply (but less quickly) if you travel with either London Midland or Chiltern. If you travel with London Midland they have a 50% sale on tickets when you buy from their website. No travel cards exist between London and Birmingham.

    From New St, go out the main ticket exit, keep to the left (passing the NWM shop) and when you exit the station the bull ring will be dead ahead. Alternatively go up the escalators, turn right and follow the signs to the bull ring (this has the advantage of being covered)

    If you do arrive via Chiltern (from Marylebone) then you'll arrive at Moor St, in that case turn left, cross the road and you'll be at the Bull Ring.

    You won't need a travel card in Brum, you can walk everywhere of importance especially if you're only going to the bull ring!

    Orpington to London = £5.50 (anytime day return)

    Across London = £8 (or £2.60 if you have Oyster) (ie: two journeys)

    London to Birmingham = £13 (off peak day return - London Midland only)

    That's about £10 each.

    Source(s): Birmingham born and bred
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