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boyfriend wont let his children have step dad but let them have step mum?

My boyfriend wont let his children have a step dad but he's letting me be their step mum. he says he wont let any one be there step dad

why would he let me be their step mum but wont let anyone be their step dad?

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    He sounds very insecure.

    If he was more confident as their dad and in his parenting, he shouldn't have a problem accepting the idea of their mom having someone in her life that might possibly become their step-dad.

    Depending on his relationship with his ex, he might try talking to her and letting her know (in a nice way) that a step-dad in his kids' lives should be known on a first name basis, and not called "Dad".

    If she's decent enough, she should be understanding about that, just as you should not be referred to as "Mom". (should be a 2-way street)

    Kids know who their real mom & dad are.

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    okay sweetie cool down and take a deep breath. greater helpful? ok, heres what you're able to do (you wont like it in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it would help). communicate on your dads spouse, clarify to her that she would be waiting to no longer under any circumstances make any comments approximately your brother around your daughter inspite of it being good or undesirable (by using fact she would be waiting to sneak in those jabs each and every time she will subtly or no longer). If she wont behave around your daughter tell her you wont enable her or your father to be certain her (it particularly is a bluff in case you want and you are able to secretly enable him come on your place if he and you want) in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it will make her comprehend you're severe. tell her at the same time as you appreciate her perspectives (whether you dont) you're that toddlers mom and you will elect how this is raised and with what values. If she wont agree tell her she isn't welcomed at your place, your resteraunt or the transport room. try this earlier the infant is born! And in case you are able to call the law enforcement officers or (interior the transport room) the nursing team or protection do it. i understand that sounds mean and your relationship with your father could go through quickly yet its superb interior the long-term to decrease out unfavorable impacts on your childs existence. You dont choose your toddler to be serious of your brother yet on an identical time you shouldnt choose her to enhance up with a cinical view of religious human beings. (no longer all of them are loopy and a few even settle for homosexuality or a minimum of save their critiques to themselves.) Thats the excellent advice i provides you, tell your boyfriend your plans inspite of what they're and enable him be your rock once you think of your being too mean or obdurate or unrealistic. He cant assist you and reassure you that its your toddler and you shouldnt enable every person aid you already know the thank you to enhance them or rigidity their ideals on such an impressionable toddler. superb of luck to you and that i want you a secure and speedy transport and a pleasing woman offspring! i like the call btw! I couldnt stand up to calling her tinkerbell as a nicename nevertheless ;)

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    He is a very egotistic selfish male and if you put up with him, you are crazy.

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    He is afraid of the competition.

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    ha he is very insecure...

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