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Q for Contractor that installs Wood Flooring for a living?

I want to have a floating engineered wood floor installed

which quality is better home depot stuff or Lumber liquidators?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Both carry different brands, so you will have to do some research first. Look at the warranty's, thickness of engineered wood (you have to have a 25 year warranty usually to get one re-finish out of it) Also, it can save you money by selecting a tongue-in-groove snap fit that has the backing already attached to the plank. Sometimes it's more expensive in labor to buy the underlayment roll, then install on top of that. Your substrate will determine that. If you try Lumber Liquidator's, buy enough of the product to keep replacements on hand - they may not carry that product again.

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  • 9 years ago


    You need to examine each product by looking at the thickness of the finished wood surface. If engineered wood as you say, each sample you look at may have a different thickness of finished floor surface. Some engineered floors are not as dense (they are softer) as others. In general all of these floors that are 3/8" thick are soft and dent or scratch easy. Where you purchase the floor really dosent matter, except that I will say that in general, if you get it from Lumber Liquidators it is usually a floor that is discontinued and not great quality. There are other flooring options as well, what you have selected is not the best option however I have no idea what your circumstances are or why you selected this type of flooring or installation.

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  • 9 years ago

    Both places have some crap and some good stuff. What you want to look for is the thickness of the top wear layer. Thicker is better. Thicker means more refinishes in the future.

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