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Hello i want to buy a wine which is best and very very very very sweet?

hello my budget is 25$ and i want to buy a very very very very very evry very very sweet wine in world that taste should be awesome very very sweet in taste are there any that types of wines which i can buy if so plz tell me name and say where to buy online

i want a red wine which is very very veyr veyr very tasty and very nice very very nice so friends surpise i want full sweet not semi sweet i want very very sweet red wine for 30 $ maximum

so i can buy plz suggest me website and give me photo of that wine which is veyr very very sweet red wine

and tell name also

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    Any of the Muscat wines, especially from the Rivesalte area of France, caution though, as they are as they tend to be 16% and very sweet. Others mentioned in the answers are classified as 'sweet' as opposed to 'dry' but are not sweet at all.

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    Wasn't going to answer this but what the hey...

    You are going to have a very difficult time finding a red wine that is as sweet as you apparently want it. It's been a while since I've been in the wine game, but as I recall - there just isn't any. I would be very leery of anyone who would suggest otherwise. Red wines are not meant to be that sweet. I am not talking about wines as Mogen David. Most red wines are just not crafted that way.

    But depending on your definition of sweetness, you could go with a Beaujolais Villages or a Cru version of that, say a Moulin a Vent or Fleurie. These wines can be very fruity with a nice, acidic zip to it - are the very few reds that can be chilly and also be tasty. This could work for you. You can find it at any wine shop.

    You could also try a Lambrusco, not the Riunite stuff but a decent DOC Lambrusco, again head to your wineship.

    Lastly, a good Tawny Port will be very sweet but it's alcohol level will be high.

    Again, instead of looking at a website, I'd advise heading to your local wineshop.

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    Before buying wines check for following:

    Look at the labels of wine bottles. Popular

    types of very sweet wines tend to be labeled

    as white zinfandel, port, merlot, chianti,

    riesling or shiraz. However, there are many

    additional types of sweet wines.

    Look for a description on the label. Some

    wines offer descriptions, while others do not.Those that do will often indicate if the wine is a sweet wine, whether it is full-bodied or lighter bodied and if it has any specific flavor notes or aromas. Fruity aromas usually indicate sweetness. In addition, full-bodied wines often pair well with darker, more intense desserts such as dark chocolate, whereas lighter-bodied wines work well with lighter desserts such as a mint chocolate.

    Consider the following common pairings of

    dessert and sweet wine when shopping,

    especially if you don't have much time to

    browse around.

    Apple tarts and anjou wines

    Cheesecake and riesling wines

    Citrus desserts and muscat wines

    Coconut desserts and riesling or sake wines Cream-based pies and tawny port wines Fruity desserts and anjou wines

    Ice cream and sherry wines

    Nutty desserts and sherry wines

    Tiramisu and sweet malvasia wines

    Ask the owner or an employee of the wine

    store to give you a recommendation if you

    are still unsure. Consider a wine tasting if you are new to drinking wine and would like to ensure that the wine you choose hits the spot.

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    Most table wines you have witha meal are either rated 0 or 1 Very dry and dry The sweet is a White Zinfandel. Really sweet is manischewitz concord grape wine. Sweeter than that are dessert wines and ports

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    in the beginning, do no longer choose wine on fee by myself. there are such countless great wines decrease than $20. For candy wines inspect German riesling. the charges can selection from $15 to $2 hundred+. seem for riesling made with the aid of Dr Loosen or Leitz. For Champagne inspect Veuve Clicquot demi sec. you will like it! in case you surely need to check approximately wines get a subscription to Wine Spectator. It includes wine information and comments and get Wine for Dummies. that's great for novices. that's crammed with relaxing data and person-friendly to maintain on with. remember white Zin is undesirable and once you try to get a leg up or provoke somebody you would be unable to do it with White Zinfandel.

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