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Is the Ricky Gervais show recorded in America?

I wondered if the Ricky Gervais show was recorded in America because it's broadcasted by HBO?


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    The Ricky Gervais show was originally recorded for XFM, an alternative music radio station based in London, England. As well as being broadcast live, the show was also made available as a podcast, and appeared in the Guinness Book of Records in 2007 as the world's most downloaded podcast.

    HBO produced the animated show, and added the animation to the audio recordings.

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    I liked the podcasts, even with the reality that in case you listened to the Xfm teach Ricky, Steve and Karl did they re-hash incredibly some textile (on a similar time as pretending it quite is the 1st time they have spoke of it). the television teach is particularly humorous, incredibly some the animations are very good and that i assume it takes the teach to a sparkling audiance. regardless of in case you do ask your self how lots greater they are able to milk out of this. there is been the podcast, the e book, the video podcasts, the television teach.

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