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How to create css steam to non steam?

Firstly is there a way to do this

secondly is it legal

I have bought the game from ebay and it works with the steam AND I HATE IT

steam is very annoying every time i want to play i have to login and worst than that i have other brothers and they have a computer and they want it too so wenever they want to play i have to go and login in to my email and even worst than that is that whenever tthey r playing i cant and even more worst than that is that in order to play i have to buy another cd for £18 and that means every time i am putting it on my computer with new windows i have to pay £18.IS THAT FAIR!!!???

so plz tell me a way to change steam gamez to non steam


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    Nope, you used to be able to set games to play in offline mode whereby you only needed to sign in once to register the game but I'm not sure if that is still possible. I'd be careful buying steam games off of ebay too - if it is second hand then the seller has a copy of the veri-key and Valve ban accounts where there is excessive multiple usage of the same key.

    Regardless of Steam or no steam - games since the 1990's have been developed in such away that two people playing the same copy of the game cannot join the same networked game in order to make you buy multiple copies of the game. I'm sure there are hacked versions available but I'm not sure where you'd find them.

    As for legality - its in the terms you agree to when installing the game. One copy per computer/user.

    Side note: Counter-Strike questions should be worded as such, the shorthand (CSS) puts you in the programming and design section.

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