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Which music college to go: ACM or MI?

My instrument is vocals and I want to do courses on performance, my prime colleges are Musician's Institute(MI),California, USA and Academy of Contemporary Music(ACM), Guildford, Surrey,UK.

Currently I am in India so in both cases I'll have to leave.

My main problem is cost, ACM costs way less than MI, but is UK good enough for entering into Pop/R&B scene. MI costs much more but it is in Hollywood, right in the thick of Industry; ACM is about 30 miles from London. Thanx in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cincinnati Conservatory - all of the band CHICAGO had their

    Masters of Music from there ( equals a doctorate)

  • proto
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    5 years ago

    I trust Roxanne. stay nicely sparkling of the ACM. all human beings there felt very enable down by employing a bad course. you would be bought lies on the open day and surely, whilst they have taken your money, the course has no attempt placed into it in any appreciate to the element you will basically approximately sense such as you will awaken from a nightmare any 2d. a great form of scholars additionally stung for extra money than they owed. Very, very undesirable college.

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