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be done + V-ing

be done + V-ing是已經完成的意思對嗎?

Beyonce的Listen這首歌裡面有一句歌詞"Now I'm done believing you."


這是兩個完全相反的意思, 請問哪個對?

be done + V-ing這個文法又該如何使用?


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    be done + Ving = 已完成/已是過去式了

    I'm done = I'm finished = confirmation that you're actually 'out'

    I'm done believing you 我不相信你了

    I'm done working 我做完了

    You're done loving me 你已經不愛我了

    He's done wanking

    I'm done jacking off

    'I'm done + Ving' is not formal, so if I were you, I wouldn't use it that often. All it does is make you sound rude.

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