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    根據 Longman dictionary 的解釋, Acquisition 也可以指經努力付出而得之「知識技能」或此行為過程。

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    根據 Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms 一書, acquirement 和 acquisition 差異之處闡述如下, Acquirement implies achievement as a result of continued endeavor and self-cultivation rather than of natural gifts or talent (a woman of considerable information and literature; acquirements not common amongst ... ladies -- Edgeworth). Acquisition may add to acquirement the implications that the thing acquired is an addition or gain and that the endeavor to acquire has been characterized by avidity and stress (perhaps it was a mistake to force her into the rigid groove of classical learning ... from it she got very unusual acquisitions, but overstimulation broke her health -- Parrington) As applied to an acquired power or skill, acquisition usually stresses, as acquirement does not, the inherent value of that power or skill (absolute disinterestedness is a rare acquisition, even in historians) (no philosopher would resign his mental acquisitions for the purchase of any terrestrial good -- Peacock). 由此看來,acquirement 意指經持續的努力或自我修養之所得,而非不勞而獲之物,或是天賦才能;而 acquisition 除了包含 acquirement之意外,還隱含了acquire 之事物是原本就有但額外增加的,且努力的特點在於其全心投入和受到高度的重視。另外, acquisition 在使用上特別強調 acquire得來能力或技能本身所俱有的價值。

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    acquirement 專指經努力付出而得之「知識技能」或此行為過程。任何其他事物之取得及其行為均用acquisition。

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