How is Marijuana harmfull?

I'm 17, been smoking Marijuana/Hash for the past year, and feel like it hasn't done anything bad to me exept for temporally memory loss ( Which I don't mind at all ), It actually helps me in so many ways, i've been a very very sad kid until I turned 16 ( Which is when I started to smoke ), since then, my life feels like It's got so much more in it and I become a very happy person..

But there are so many stories about how bad Marijuana is, and how people that smoke end up like.. I'll never do anything more than Marijuana in my life for sure, but I need to know how exactly Marijuana damages my brain..

Again, I don't mind for any Temporally damages..

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  • 9 years ago
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    MJ does not cause memory loss. Lack of attention in some people. The government did fake studies on MJ so they could tell people it was harmful. This was a proven fact. Watch anything that Jesse Ventura has written and he will set the record straight.

    There have been many people who have been treated in the early 50's wiith MJ and there were many drugs that use to have THC from MJ in them, but were soon taken off the market, due to Drug companies not able to make as much money off them and the fear that anyone could grow MJ and self medicate would cost the drug co. money.

    All of the USA is controlled by our drug companies. They put in place laws so they can make more money. Go to any country where MJ is legal and there idea of it is totally different.

    You can watch several fact finding movies just on Netflix's and see the real truth.

    (Have fun).

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  • Doug
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    9 years ago

    Since you focus on the brain, I will stay with just that topic.

    Alzheimers is a disease of the brain.

    It is caused by the accumulation of beta amyloid plaques.

    It turns out that the THC in cannabis blocks the formation of beta amyloid plaque.

    To this end, cannabis is a preventative of Alzheimers Disease.

    However, once you have it, it cannot be used as a restorative.

    I have included the link to the research by Scripps Institute in La Jolla.

    It is an easy read.

    Go to the fourth paragraph and look for the word "completely".

    Read it and re-read it. Really understand what it is saying.

    My mom suffers from Alzheimers and usually she has no idea who I am.

    I have been smoking for over 40 years and am in my late 50's.

    My brain and thought processes are as clear as they were when I was in my 20's.

    I feel confident to say that I am not going out the way my mom is.

    I will know my daughter. I will know my grandchildren.

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  • 9 years ago

    Anything that cuts off oxygen to your brain is harmful. Your brain kinda needs oxygen or else your brain cells die. Also unless you grow it yourself you never know what else is in it and do you really want to take that risk? And ive heard of some people having heart attacks.

    Also smokimg weed is a turn off for a surprising amount of men and women. It makes you seem like you're just some kid who wants to get high to seem "cool" (even though youve stated thats not the reason but thats what your image is.) now freshmen will probably be all over you and even some people in higher grades but as you get older and the people you're interested in get older if you're a major pothead less and less of them will find you attractive. And if you have a problem with depression you need to see a therapist. Sometimes it helps to just talk to someone about your problems. and if your home life is bad and is causing it then you need to see a social worker. And theres also a great activity that can give you happy feelings and requires no drugs at all. Exercise. Ever hear of a runner's high? Running might not be your thing but there are lots of other options and you will eventually find something you like. And believe it or not your diet and the amount of sleep you get really do affect your mood too.

    Source(s): Sorry to sound like a psa.
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  • 9 years ago

    For most people the memory loss is a problem to them and may be aggetated by it....second it is the chemicals that the plants are grown that is harmful with different fertilizers etc..and that makes it very unhealthy when smoked. Also, it can be harmful within the transaction if someone laces the marijuanna with other substances. I dont smoke it but I have cancer and I do support it being legal even though I prefer my children not to smoke it.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    I'm not sure if this applies to cannabis, but doctors say that after a while using drugs like coke, your dopamine receptors get messed up that you don't get as much out of the drug, so you need more to feel the same effect. Also any kind of smoke is bad for you.

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  • 9 years ago

    Im 25 and was smoking it at your age. I still make straight A's in college. I still have family that loves me. So it hasn't done anything to me.

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  • 9 years ago

    Everybody says marajuana is horrible, but it really isnt. Nothing bad should happen to you. And you shouldnt get cancer unless you use thick paper.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yeah, but too much of anything is a bad thing.

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  • 9 years ago

    memory loss

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