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middle school quarterback?

Im going to 8th grade next year i just turned 14 and im about 5' 3''-5' 4''. And i wanted to start as a QB in middle school because im moving to a school were they have football cuz im to old now 4 my youth football team.When tell any body they just laugh they say im to short but my dads 6'4 and my moms 5' 4 so i think ima be good sized. I can though about 30 yrds and im a little fast. I can throw accurate and with a good spirl. every week i throw farther and farther. thx if u answered

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    i started quarterback in middle school and I was only 5 feet tall. size doesn't matter but heart does. keep practicing and don't let others get you down. Speed is good since you might not have a good line and accuracy is way better than strength. It doesn't matter if you can throw 50 yd but it's to the other team! A quarterback needs to be a good leader, hard working, and trust worthy. gain your team mates and never give up. i wish that i could go back in time and live those days again, but unfortunately can't. enjoy it.

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    A middle school TE would be around 5'7" to 5'10" and roughly 160-190 lbs. A quarterback can be any size, it's usually just the most athletic kid on the team. Middle school football is not as picky on heights and weights. Jerramy Stevens had to have been at least 6'2" when he was in middle school, I remember watching his games when I was in school. He ended up being 6'7" so that's kind of an extreme case.

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