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Old people short term memory?

Older people often complain that their memory is getting worse. For example, they may not remember a phone number (647-8943) that someone just told them a few minutes earlier. Which explanation below is most CORRECT?

A) Information in short-term memory is easily disrupted for almost everyone (young and old)

B) There is an absence of neurogenesis in older people leading to memory loss

C) Semantic networks of information arranged in hierarchies begin to degenerate as we get older

D) The brain and memory of older people deteriorates due to disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease



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    I would say a combination of A and D. Some people’s memories are not that great to begin with. Given certain lifestyles your short or long term memory can be affected. Some people also train they’re brains to work better with remembering things or do so unknowingly with certain tasks such as something at their job that requires them to remember stings of information. It is dependant upon the person.

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    I am not so good at this anymore,at age 36 , I guess I have some kind of memory loss,too.But ,yes, A) Information in short-term memory is easily disrupted for almost everyone (young and old) and there are so many factors that affects memory loss.One of that is the Alzheimer's Disease.As we get older,too, our brain gets weaker or degenerate.

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    Pat your insomnia can't be helping with this concern. you incredibly do could desire to work out a doctor. short term memory is something that does pass first and not long as many think of. each and all the wonderful in getting appeared after besides the fact that it relatively is going to take a medical doctors pass to that can assist you out ok.

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    B, C, and D have to do with just older persons. A has to do with young and old. That's the only difference I see, plus A actually uses the words "short-term memory".

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    D: Alzheimer

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