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13 year old birthday party ideas?

My daughter is turning 13 in a couple months and we have no idea what to do for her birthday . Do you have any ideas on what to do?

Thank you so much!

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    Sleep over party (with 1-4 of her friends?)



    Pizza Hut

    House party

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    It depends on how she feels about parties. Does she prefer the big ones, or the small get togethers?

    Personally, once I hit my 12th birthday, I felt like I'd out grown throwing "huge" parties, and since then I've just been going to restaurants for my birthday.

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    For my 13th I went roller-skating with about 5 boys and 5 girls until like 3 in the morning and I had so much fun!!

    You could go to a concert if you can find one close to her birthday.

    You could have a bon fire and a sleepover

    You could do a make-up party (Mary-Kay Reps do make-overs)If you want to do something unusaul try rock climbing.

    You could go to a waterpark or amusment park.

    She probably will want to invite boys too!

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    you may think I'm mad but my teens wanted the full kiddy party experience with friends, cake, games, pass the parcel etc. Still doing this for a 16 year old!

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    for my 13th birthday we stayed at a hotel room it was a really nice hotel they had complementary breakfast like eggs bacon and the whole nine yards a sauna and an indoo pool we bought a joining suite one for adult females ad use girls we had so much fun

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    Sleep over pamper party teens love them!

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    For my 13th i had a big sleepover with my friends and we ordered pizza and stuff ,,,

    Pizza huts good too :}

    Cinema ?

    Swimming :}

    Heres a similar question --

    hope she has a good party ! :}

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    *Sleepover (with Bff's)

    *Pool Party


    *Dance Party

    *Night Party (Outdoors with manhunt & other outside games @ night)

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    get her a party like a ball, get her fancy looking dress and crown

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    have her and a few of her friends stay at a nice hotel for a night =)

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