What time does it normally get dark in Cape Verde during July?

Going to the Cape Verde islands this summer and have been informed they only have 7 hours of sunshine on the average day in July. Just wondering if anyone has been and has any more information about this?

Also about the temperature as it seems colder than what I would have imagined...

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    10 years ago
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    Yep, you choosed the month with the (average) less sunshine hrs beside August (6). This doesn't mean that you won't have daylight for 6 or 7 hrs only:). Being located close to the equator it's getting dark very fast (around 6 pm). Therefore daylight appears fast/earlier also.

    For average temperatures (air and water) please visit the links giving below:



    In case you didn't book your vacation yet, you may think about doing some Island hopping (it's worth it). My recommondation is the Island Boa Vista (that's where I go). Cape Verdians are the friendliest people you can think about.

    A travel insurance providing to fly you out in case of an emergency is a must! Don't let African expat vendors taking advantage of you being a tourist and if possible don't stay in Sal.

    Wishing you some nice vacation.

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