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Do You Think Paul McDonald Will Get a Record Deal?

Paul was my favorite from the very beginning. I don't see how he could get voted off! Oh my goodness he was for sure the best! I love him and Scotty. DO you think he will get a record deal? Did he already get one? I love Paul:)

(: I Miss You Paul McDonald!<3

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    The tone deaf in middle america who voted for anyone else instead of Paul are sad... Truly talent people - Paul and Pia - are losing while average people - Stephano, Jacob, Scotty - are moving on. But no need to worry. Things work their way, and, like Pia, Paul will rise...

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    9 years ago

    I guess everyone has their own tastes, but to me Paul just couldn't sing. IMO he was the right one to go home. A lot of people did like him though, and I'd suspect that maybe he'll get a record deal. Better get a record deal fast and record something while he's fresh in people's minds. No doubt that I won't be buying one of his records, but I think he could sell quite a few if he gets out there soon.

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    Paul was undoubtedly my favorite American idol next to Lee Dewyze and Sibohan Magnus. I was crying my eyes out as he left. I can understand that people don't like his style of music or voice, but somebody mentioned that there was nothing unique about it. I disagree, I think he has one of the most special voices I've ever heard in my life. I'm not just saying that because he's my favorite, I'm saying it because he has talent. Whether people like him or not, he's going to get a record deal. Besides, people that win AI aren't always famous afterwords and vice versa. Anyone hear a Taylor Hicks song lately? And what about Daughtry? I hear him on the radio all the time. You can't guarantee that the person who wins will make it big.

    Source(s): History with record labels.
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    This season of American Idol is crazy. There is so much talent that its getting really hard to choose. The way I see it, is most of the contestants on there are going to get record deals wether they win or not. Paul, Scotty, Casey, Stefano, James, Lauren, they are all great. I really don't think that we have heard the last of Paul.

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  • I really enjoyed Paul and was sad to see him voted off. I do believe like Pia that Paul is definitely getting a record deal!

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    Yes I think he may get a country/rock deal

    He lives in Nashville, so I bet he been trying

    I bet this show will open doors for him

    Paul does have his fans, not matter how many people answer this question saying how bad he is

  • 9 years ago

    I found his singing voice annoying, especially since he sang that way every week for the past like 8 weeks. Anyway, he got 8th place so I see him getting a record deal.

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    9 years ago

    no I don't think so . He hasn't anything really appealing about his voice but he was a good performer.

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