X-Men animated series in order?

How does it go? Is it like X-men Evolution, then I dono, other series? can someone tell me what order the cartoons go in? thanks :)

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    'X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men', was only a pilot episode in the late 80's.

    Then it was the X-Men Animated series (FOX) released in the early to late 90's. This series was the closest to the comic books.

    Then came X-Men Evolution, which was completely different from the comics and closer to the movies or it's own story all together.

    Then there is Wolverine and the X-Men, which is closer to the movies and Evolution storyline.

    There is also a Hulk/Wolverine animated movie that was released recently

    Next will be the Wolverine Anime which is due out soon, but has yet to be released.

    The X-Men also appeared in various Spider-Man Animated series episodes too throughout the 90's.

    You can watch all the series separately...NONE of them are connected to each other storyline wise.

    Source(s): I know the Gambit appearances in the series for my site....www.lediableblanc.com
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    X Men Animated Series Watch

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