ideas for a date!!!!?

me and this guy are going on a date but the alphabet is wat decides wat we do so i need some help coming up with things to do from each letter of the alphabet. let me know ur ideas please!

here is an example S-star gaze B-bowling



i need help for all the laters not just S and B lol

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    10 years ago
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    A-Ask each other questions


    baseball game


    bubble baths




    Dinner for two


    F-French kiss


    Fall asleep on his lap

    G-Go karting

    H-hide and go seek at walmart

    Hold hands


    I- I love you

    J-Jump (bungee jump)


    L-listen to music together

    listen to his heart beat



    Make out in the rain


    O-Open doors for each other

    P-prepare a meal




    Q- questionnaire (fill one out together)

    R-romantic movie



    star gaze

    skinny dip

    T- Talk on the phone

    Text each other



    W-Watch the sunset

    Wear his clothes




    Sorrthat'sts not every letter but it is all i could think of

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Dear Lani, you are a great Mother and that is not going to change. It is obvious that you love your daughter very much and very touching that you are so concerned about her feelings. However, she loves you too and wants you to be happy. Like you said, you are the “adult” and she relies on your guidance and will follow your lead when it comes to accepting someone else into your “family.” As your daughter gets older the relationship you have with her is going to change and there is nothing you can do about that. The type of men you expose her to and the relationships you develop with them will definitely have an impact on her. For this reason, some single parents choose not to introduce their romantic partners to their children until the relationship becomes serious enough for commitment. The positive to this approach is that the children do not develop attachments and later get hurt by multiple fleeting relationships. The negative is having to introduce the children to someone you have strong feelings for and the possibility that they may not be able to immediately warm up to this person. The first thing is to decide what you want: a serious relationship which leads to marriage or just some male companionship. If you are certain that you want a husband then you will have to adjust your dating tactics accordingly. Your romantic interests should know from the word go that you are only interested in serious relationships and that you and your child are a package deal. For some men a “ready made family” is very appealing. A first date can be a picnic lunch to the park with your daughter. You will get to see how comfortable he is with children. Did he show up with flowers for you and gifts for your daughter? Does he pay her attention? Does he listen to her? Is he affectionate toward her or is he uncomfortable? You get the picture. This is very important; however, just because he meets your daughter’s approval doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good fit for you. You will also have to spend time alone with him and see how he measure up. Is he respectful, honest, kind, and considerate? What is his philosophy on rearing children, does he want more children, and can he support all of you if you lose your job? You are right, this can be a little scary, but you are a smart girl and are asking the right questions. I hope you find a great guy and I wish you and your daughter all the happiness in the world! Take care!

  • 10 years ago

    S-scuba diving


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