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Would you support a Firearms forum in Yahoo Answers?

I'm definitely a gun nut, but I've only been hunting once. Just a quick snapshot of page 1 in the hunting section revealed that 99% of the questions had nothing to do with hunting, but were gun related. So obviously there is a user base for a Firearms forum. Would most of you support a separate Firearms forum in Answers? I know that sometimes the firearm related support can be viewed as controversial, but the user base has already demonstrated that gun questions/firearm support presence are not going away and it seems to be taking up a forum that, while somewhat related, is not necessarily tailor fit for its present audience.


"Hell, when I first starting visiting YA answer they had "Bullfighting" in the Sports section."


I think that by adding a firearms section they feel that it will appear to far left liberals that Yahoo supports firearm use. I don't think its a can of worms that yahoo wants to open up. Still, like anything if there is enough support they have to listen!

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    For many years now the regulars asked Yahoo for more sections instead of just hunting. Never happened. I decided to try to find out why Yahoo wouldn’t listen to us. I found the reason. Yahoo is about a Liberal as you can get, They donate lots of cash to animal rights groups, gay rights groups and anti-gun groups. They don’t like firearms one tiny bit, ditto for hunting. We are lucky to have this spot.

    So while I like your idea its never going to happen. I base this also on the fact its going on 5 years now that people asked for a firearms section. 4 1/2 years!

    French fry hunter is right they did have a bull fighting section yearssss....ago.

  • BBean
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    9 years ago

    Count me in.

    The one thing that disturbs me is the questions that lean toward the illegal side.i.e. full auto ?s

    I had rather battle the anti-gunners than the Bambi huggers.

    At least the Bambi people have a point because even though most hunters love wildlife and respect the land, there are some that are no more than poachers and animal destroyers, and I see that ugly side from time to time.

    If any of you own a few acres of wooded land on a rural road, you probably have seen it also. Although the bad ones are in the small percentages it doesn`t take much to spoil a good thing.

    Example; I have seen a number of feral hogs apparently shot from a vehicle along my fence line and just left there to feed the buzzards and smell up the place. Feral pigs can provide food ( even if processed into animal food) and really tough hide for boots and numerous other products,and if you have ever left a BBQ place after eating some of the best tasting ribs you`ve ever eaten they are usually pork ribs. People that kill these pigs and take them with them to suit their purpose....They are hunters....God bless them.

    The majority of the gun talk is just that in a lot of cases, but I like it as many others do also.

    One more time....yes ,I will support it.

  • 9 years ago

    We should have a guns forum in Yahoo Answers, but like others have said on here. YA is afraid of offending the liberal anti-gun crowd so they will never give us one.

    And to you dca20033, there are 100's of 1,000,s of gun owners that don't hunt or care anything about hunting, we enjoy the sport of shooting. I can probably out shoot you and could kill more critters than you could, but I have no interest in hunting.

  • I definitely support starting a Firearms section here in Yahoo.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I most certainly would support a Firearms forum in Yahoo Answers, in fact I have even suggested it before. but receive no answer on it. Seems firearms is a no no to most liberals ans of course Yahoo is run by liberals bias people.

  • 9 years ago

    Given that at least half the questions asked in the hunting section are about firearms, I think a firearms sub-heading is warranted.

  • 9 years ago

    I have requested one numerous times in the past. No joy. Would like to see two new categories:

    Airsoft/paintball/air rifle


    Hell, when I first starting visiting YA answer they had "Bullfighting" in the Sports section.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, we need a firearms form, but Y/A will never go for it, they cater to the liberals, not the law abiding gun owners.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why not? Yahoo! Answers subscribers are already making pop shots at politicians... If people do not like firearms that is their choice and they can express themselves with regard to this subject in an objective manner... I give this two muzzles up...

  • 9 years ago

    Yes we should have our own forum here in Yahoo Answers.

    To dca20033, sport of shooting. goes together like cake and ice cream, that is a lot sweeter than bread and butter, you should try it some time.

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