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Cuba Gooding Jr. ? d d d?

I refuse to ever watch another Cuba Gooding Jr. Movie... he is just the WORST actor, i mean radio?? comeon. Can anyone out there really sit through one of his movies?


yea that was a good movie... would have been GREAT if will smith played his role though, lets be honest now. that movie where he was on a GAY cruise ship? WOW what a BAD movie!

not saying anything bad about gay people just the movie.

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    Lol yeah. Boat Trip was bad. so was Norbit. I don't know about will smith in cuba's role in Men of honor. I wasn't a fan of Jerry Maguire and his SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! and Snow Dogs, but at least in Snow Dogs, those huskys sure showed him

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    <Jerry Maguire> is one of the greatest love movies ever.Tom Cruise was great,Renee Zellweger was amazing,And Cuba Gooding Jr. was really deserve that Oscar.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed men of honor.

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