which mtx subwoofer is good for a hifonics brutus 2400 any subwoofer 12 or 15 inch?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Assuming your Brutus 2400, is the BRZ2400.1d

    Then your specs would be as followed:

    1 x 850 @ 4 OHMS

    1 x 1700 @ 2 OHMS

    1 x 2400 @ 1 OHM

    If it has to be an MTX subwoofer....

    the only one that would come close to the power of the amp, would be the MTX T9500 series subwoofer. RMS ratings on a T9515 would be 1000 RMS...so getting two of them would be a pretty close match.

    And you can wire two up like this:


    Otherwise if you don't mind other options....a Fi BTL would fit that amp pretty well.

    DD Audio 9500 series subwoofer would fit well too.

    EDIT: @Jesus, Fi subs BTL especially start at over $350 for a 12...with no options....how are you finding them for $300? for an 18?


    EDIT2: Ya of course used is cheaper...Anyway...That could be a hit and miss tho. Especially Craigs list or Ebay...you don't always get to see all the flaws/problems untill it's too late.

    So sometimes...you can get a good deal...other times...not so much.

  • 9 years ago

    Bigger is always better. You should consider changing to nonstream brands like re audio , fi audio , digital designs, cerwin vega etc.. There much cheaper and way better then main stream brands like jl kicker mtx poineer etc.. Look them up on youtube re audio and fi audio are beasts. Get a fi btl 18 inch sub there like 300 buks and put it on the brutus, you will have the loudest bass in your city


    @Mrwakeup yeah if you buy them new I was talking craigslist ebay etc.. I live in sacramento ca theres always those speakers around especially cuz of Steave Meade which he lives around here. But I got a btl 18 inch for 325 then a traded it for two re audio mx which is a good deal

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