MAC based operating System or OS that can support Steam games or Games installed from Disk?

currently using Windows 7 Ultimate, looking at getting into a newer OS, similar to Ubuntu or Linux Mint that can support Games from the Steam Service (Maker: Valve) and .exe files from game CDs and such

so long as it works with my games im happy, i find the windows copying and pasting recovery to be something of a joke (>+20GB data results in a freeze up and a 2 hour shutdown if i try to cancel it, absolutely NO issue like this in Ubuntu (Live CD)

been having issues with windows for a while now since i got it its been nothing but a hassle

so now i looking for something else, i dont want to see any attempt to fix my windows "problem" i just want the question answered

those who dont answer the question as asked will be flagged!

preferably Freeware OS

so whats the best Linux/mac based OS that can do what i want it to do?


not to mention that the hardware is running much smoother in ubuntu compared to windows (bloody compatability issues, i swear that companies are forciing you to spend money :P)

Update 2:

Where can i get the MAC OS? if thats the best OS for what i want?

Update 3:

i spend more time trying to fix the bloody thing when using windows than actually playing

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stick to Windows, you will regret switching to Linux or Mac if you are a gamer.

  • 9 years ago

    Your games on CD are for Windows. So that's all.

    Steam works on Mac fine.

  • 9 years ago

    Well you could try and run them with wine in linux. Other than that your only other option is to get windows.

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