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急!請幫忙翻譯成英文 !(20點)



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    Hong Kong people have a quick pace of life. They are always anxious, and do not have meals regularly.The store provides a leisurely and carefree room to relax, so that customers are able to taste a series of healthy food in the store easily. So they can put behind the bother in their work and their life. We have also set up programmes for healthy food at weekends and holidays, so as to remind Hong Kong people to pay attention to a healthy diet of life in all times, and to raise people's awareness of health matters.

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    Quick, anxious, fast, these are often words used to describe the pace of Hong Kong's lifestyle. This leads to people eating in irregular times. Our shop provides a calm and peaceful space for our customers. while they relax, they can also try our selection of healthy foods therefore they can lay back and forget about the problems and stress at work and in life and just have a time out. Also, at weekends and holidays we have healthy food programmes to remind Hong Kong people the importance of healthy eating and to raise the awareness of healthy eating.

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    The rapid pace of life in Hong Kong, tension, often without regular food, restaurant provides a relaxing space to rest, so that customers can easily enjoy a range of health food shop, so forget about work, life's troubles. and the establishment of health on weekends and holidays Food programs, to alert people in Hong Kong at any time pay attention to life a healthy diet and improve their health awareness.

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    . Hong Kong person rhythm of life rapidly, anxious, the food does not have frequently fixed time, the head store provides a leisurely and carefree rest space, makes the customer to be possible with ease to taste head store a series of health foods, thus puts behind in the work, in life worry. And sets up the health food curriculum in the weekend and the holiday, reminds the Hong Kong person to pay attention to the life diet health anytime and anywhere, raises all the people health consciousness

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