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英翻中,請「超強」高手翻譯,文法要正確 20點








TAI將提高一個維度從空中取鏡 長期紀錄與觀照:




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    The brook river and the mountain ridge, the level ground and the seacoast, rich biodiversity this is our national territory, this is our homeland typhoon, the earthquake, the flood, the earth flow, already between the becoming accustomed to indigenous people, the immigrant and colonizer's inside and outside conflicts and the war, will be unalarmed by strange sights it are the beautiful Taiwan Formosa which will acclaim simultaneously are cursed nature and man-made disaster unceasing Taiwan TAI to enhance a dimension from airborne to take the mirror to record for a long time and the contemplation:

    This country's past of vestige earth vicissitude as well as the life evolution and the appearance expected immediately by in ours story, will pass ascertains, launches the prospect to present my earth I the people to survive in the future broadmindedly many possible and the change sets up and reforms the road

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    Rivers and mountains, the fields and the coast, rich in biological diversities,

    This is our land and this is our home.

    We have been use to the typhoons, earthquakes, floods and landslides.

    Of the indigenous people, migrants and colonists' internal or ecternal conflicts are not the new things.

    Taiwan is praised for the beautiful island - Formosa, meanwhile, is also cured by many natural disasters.

    TAI will enhance the dimension ,take the scences from the air and observe a long-term record:

    Changes in the land of this country ,the past heritage of the life evolution and current appearance present my land my people suddenly showing a lot of future survival expecting in our own story, revealing insights, expand vision

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