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MMW asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

Anyone catch the Dyah Davis vs Marcus Johnson fight?

I was impressed by Dyah Davis.

He began boxing at the age of 23 and had a total of 0 amateur fights. Marcus Johnson had 127 amateur bouts and lost a UD against Davis.

BQ: can you get HBO for a week? I want see the Ortiz vs Berto fight, but I don't want to pay 17 bucks for the whole month. The only thing I watch on HBO is boxing.

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    9 years ago
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    I watched it and was also impressed by Davis, However the bias commentary was really getting on my nerves. I mean they really dislike movement on television these days and in boxing in general guys like Gatti, Ward and Coralles bring the mainstream into boxing, but a lot of mainstream people don't appreciate the sweet science. End rant

    HBO makes you pay by the month. But I'm with you I wish I could use it just for fights and get rid of it.

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